Monday, April 15, 2013


It is my deepest regret to inform all my faithful readers that this is the last post of a Michelicious story. Because I have finally decided that I'm not delicious anymore to be Michelicious. Lol. I will cut off those crapping.

But yeah, the very same blogger will not EVACUATE but is moving on to another blog. For a change. Because I finally figured out that I have to get back into blogging, but in a way I want. A fresh start perhaps?
I have to say, it is not an easy decision. Well, just an impulsive one. No, really. I've debated for quite some time and poof, it's time to say goodbye to this faithful blog of mine.

I can still be stalkable at:

Yes. I will still be blogging. So if you find my craps addictive, do follow me here!

Thank you for always visiting a Michelicious story. *bows*

This blog will remain as it is. 

Signing off for the last time as a Michelicious story blogger,

Lots of love,


Friday, April 5, 2013

#YOLO Where have I been all this time

Greetings to all the earthlings out there.

Indeed a very long hiatus. Irony of it is that when I first started off in uni, I was actually expecting that I will have a lot of stuff to blog about what with a brand new environment and whole lot of new people to meet. Anyhow, life take things away. That's when Twitter and Instagram comes to my rescue. Haha. With both of that, honestly .. someone like me will just fall out of the blogging hype easily.

Anyway, the blogging mood sort of hit on me so yeah ..

The same question will be asked: Where have you been all these while? What have you been doing?! The same answer will be given: Life is hectic with classes, assignments and other commitments.

I don't know if it's the usual routine line or this semester is being exceptionally busy for me. I actually made a promise to myself that I will blog about it once the election for Local Committee Vice President is over(a position in AIESEC).

Not going to go into details about the whole election, but it went well and I passed the vote of confidence.

I am ever so glad that I made this choice to run for the position. Even though the interview is not over yet which means I still haven't got the post yet, but the support that were shown were enough to keep me going.

#Meet the CR team term 12/13

I wouldn't say I'm living life to the fullest. There's so much more that I have not done, I'm still holding back so much more. But at least, I can proudly say that I'm doing my best to not waste my time before the reality out there takes it away.

I know how I've always hated hectic life. But if you ask me now, I'd rather be busy than being just an average university student that goes to class on a regular basis, finishing assignments, studying blindly for tests and at the end of the day, get back to hostel room and spend the rest of the day .. or days watching shows, playing online games.

Even though I still do that every now and then. But I'm growing conscious about how much time I'm wasting because I feel so guilty after spending one whole afternoon watching episodes after episodes of drama. Hahaha!

I have learnt so much from them, and still looking forward to work along with them.

I love how we work and how we play. I love being a part of this crazy team. I'm busy, but at least I'm beginning to be happy. A little pathetic I know.

A regular degree, anyone can get a regular degree. But a fruitful university life? Now it is not just about joining AIESEC to gain one. But the effort one puts in to ensure they did not just waste away their university life by hoarding it away with assignments and studies. To take this once in a lifetime chance to do just about anything you want. Because believe me, after you have graduated .. you barely stand a chance any more.

It's experience, but above all .. it's self satisfaction.

Apart from AIESEC, it's my family. I appreciate every moment I get to spend at home. Though it's just 20 minutes drive away, but because of all these activities and stuff, I don't go home all the time now.

Two weeks ago, mummy called and told me daddy had a heart attack that morning and is admitted into hospital. I guess you could say that I lost it. I totally lost it. All thoughts came into mind and I only had one phrase repeating over and over again; Daddy, don't let anything happen to you.

You grow up with a price. Your parents grow older and you're losing time. I'd do whatever to buy me more time with them. Mummy, daddy, my mom and my father.

Nothing else matters now. I will always get tired, but I no longer see a point of stop trying.

Simply because I don't want to look back and ask myself why didn't I hold on longer ..



Saturday, February 23, 2013

iPhone 5 - RM 250

Hey there, greetings !

So, it has been a while for a real post from me and I know I'm at fault but believe me, I've been really really busy for the past couple of weeks,days,hours, minutes, whatevever! Yes.. even though my semester just started less than a week, I'm kinda busy. Hopefully it'll be over soon.

Okay, I got to cut to the chase. So yeah .. I've bought an iPhone 5 :D It's almost a week now .. but if you've been following my twitter, you'd realize the frequent photo spam via my instagram!

This classy earphone case with the apple logo :D

And .. TADAAA ...
iPhone 5
..The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone -Apple.

And right now you'd be thinking: HOLY SHIT ! iPhone 5, RM 250 ?! You kidding me?! 

No I'm NOT!

Because ..
#troll face.jpg

Heh .. Yes, you just got trolled. This post is a combination of ze blogger with a new phone and collecting her 250 ringgit book voucher :D Couldn't be more smug. 

Anyway, with that, I officially(LOL) announce to you ... *drum rolls*

My ...

Yessss. Do follow me on Instagram, stalker! ;)

Till then.



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