About Mich

People say I talk a lot and camwhore a lot.
Actually, I write a lot and eat a lot too.
But come to think about it, I guess I sleep more than I write and I read more than I eat.
Anyway, I must confess I scream a lot and sing a lot.
But my parents always complain that I spend more than just a lot and slack a lot too.

Right, I'm not just narcissistic. Don't get fooled around with what I'm giving you.

Hello there, my name is Michelle Ng. Don't bother asking about my age because it's common sense that women don't speak of their age. You just have to guess and either end up flattering me, infuriating me or boring me. But I sincerely believe that age is not the matter, well unless you're lining up to be my boyfriend, yes, your age does matter.

A journalist in training and also a chipmunk, I talk a lot. Only if you're brave enough to strike up a conversation with me because from what my closest friends confessed, I tend to release the stuck up aura. But they swore that if you got deterred by that, then you're missing the biggest and best gem of a friend in the world. Well, that's not my problem.

She's my partner in crime, my soulmate, my first love, my addiction. Part of my craziness comes from who I'm with. Fact is I love being around my friends. Not only are they awesome but I can be who I am in front of them and they don't even bother. If you want to see that side of me, I'm sorry but you just have to stick around long enough.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that I'm also a photographer in training ? Meyh, I'm a journalist in training. What else do you expect me to hang around my neck, a whip? Photography takes my breath away. And for some absurd reason, I just love macro photography, except when some photographers love capturing 8-legged monsters. I love lomography too.What is it about a piece of picture that I like? It's the moment when you release the shutter, you stole something directly from Time's pocket. He's a stingy lad and I'm always greedy.

Yes. Books. Those are books. Meyh, I'm sure you've seen more. I'm known to being victim of book sales and book fests. Reading, you can never stop once you've started. Reading brings me away from the reality everyone tries to escape. Reading allows me to live lives I'll never live. Reading distracts me and lets me write. You never know what a book might offer you. Not even after you delve into it. Trust me.

I guess that's more or less something about the awesome blogger. 

Yes. I do seriously camwhore more than just a lot. Well, maybe a tad bit more. 

of a little pride and brittle ego

i might never be the Mich you think i am

i doubt that i'm who i think i am

you can call me weird

but you'll have to laugh at yourself

cuz' you never really know me

it's just Mich. no other.

have fun and enjoy! =)
alright. remember to follow me...=)


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