Monday, May 30, 2011

of resurrection and summarizing

Greetings, earthlings !

Such a long hiatus i had. May was happening and also packed with mid-year exam. Though there weren't any updates but i am one of those "lifeless" bloggers that come checking at their statistics too frequently. I would have abandon my blog if not for the statistic that shows visitors are still dropping by my blog even the lack of updates would have long bored any visitors out to even click on my link. I am sorry for the hiatus. This post, basically is to summarize what happened during my long break ! =)

Wesak Day
It was the best wesak day i have ever had in my N-years of life. My family and I went to Tambun at Ipoh for the huge celebration at a temple. It was awesome because i got to witness the unfurling of the huge canvas painting of Buddha.

#turning the long painting around

#flipping it up to run under it

Running across to the other side of the painting underneath it is to bring us good luck. The painting was tremendously long. The temple unfurls it once a year to receive some sun light, or in other words, sunbath it !
#random shots

#nicholas and uncle

#nicholas boy

I just can't believe how much he has grown ! Lovely as usual. After that, we visited another temple.

 #love hut

#chinese's god of love

This is basically the highlight of the visit to this temple, for my sisters. As for me, i wanted to visit this temple because this temple is to give blessings specially for students. But i only took photo of the love hut. But of course, since we were there, i prayed for some luck in my love life too ! Haha.

Mid-year Exam

My exam started on 16 of May and then the next day was Wesak day. It continued for god knows for how long ! I know i've almost screwed up half the exam or maybe the whole exam. I blame myself for that because, after all those hours of slacking, what else can i expect ? But, through this exam, i've got a grip. Hopefully i will make use of this long holiday !


This photo spoke for itself no ? Right after the last day of exam, some buddies decided to meet up. And we had fun like you won't believe. Haha, but i did not take much photos, partially because i was not in the mood, partially because i was too busy !

I was suppose to go out with bestie the next day, but oh well, DOTA killed her ! Sigh.


My family was blessed with a small amount of fortune ! We were so excited and i was literally jumping around the house. And so, my father brought us to enjoy breakfast and desserts, not to forget the awesome dinner(no photos for dinner, sorry !)

I guess my mother is right about "investing" ! Hah.

#ice kacang with atachi

#my yummy mango flakes

#durian --something


I know the before one looks like, uhm, not presentable, but after it's ready, it tasted like superb ! =) MY mother is a genius ! She just learned it and it tasted really good ! :D

Alright, this is basically what happened in May. Will update soon about something more inward. Haha !



Saturday, May 14, 2011

of ramblings and epic conclusion of worldwide phenomenon

Greetings, earthlings !

Glad that i'm officially done with the lower six orientation. But what's coming up next is worse than the orientation - Mid-term exams. Oh my .. ! The first day of the exam itself is History Paper 1. It's about World History and Islamic History. After studying without really absorbing what i was reading, i'm taking a break. Sigh. It's easy to quit and slack ! You can choose between :

Enjoy now and regret later
Suffer now and enjoy later

Enjoy is in both ways, but the consequences are totally different. The first one seems tempting enough, but the consequence of it is surely devastating ! I've tried that once, during SPM .. i don't fancy a second time. The second one, however, requires an unusual amount of wisdom and discipline that hardly existed in me ! I get distracted way too easily, it's hard to keep track of whatever schedule i've set. But i need to give it a try by hook or by crook ! Funny that i'm using this idiom.. don't really like it.

Anyways, besides stress, i was randomly typing stuff into the youtube searching bar and found out this. It was uploaded to YouTube last year i guess, but .. this is the first time i saw it ! The graphics are cool and i can't wait to watch it. I'm not really a hardcore HP fan, in fact, i hated it at first.. not until my sister bought me the first three of the seven books that i fell in love with the story. (when she told me she's gonna buy me novels, i was begging internally that she won't end up buying HP..LOL)

Though, i'm unconditionally and irrevocably in love with the books, it's not the same with the movies. Only a few of them are good like the first and the fourth which are The Sorcerer's Stone and The Goblet of Fire. The others, i sort of think that they actually ruined the storyline pretty badly. That's part of the reason why i'm not addicted to the movies. The dominating part is the actor. Mainly Daniel Radcliffe. He was okay in the first few movies, but when he started growing and girls are going crazy over him, it's like ... another Justin Bieber case ! I personally don't think he's hot or whatsoever, he's rich, maybe. But i like Emma Watson though, funny eh ? However, i'm still excited to watch the epic conclusion of the worldwide phenomenon

I think if you were to give birth to a child after watching the first movie of the Harry Potter series, by now, your kid will probably be.. what ? 10 years old or maybe slightly older ? Time .. time .. ! 

Yours truly,


p/s : Hope they will screen this in July here !

Friday, May 6, 2011

of a worn out brain and running out of time

#it's so hot today, i need some moisture

I haven't really been updating my blog as frequently as i used to huh ? idk ..

It has been chaotically busy this few weeks and i'm not really as enthusiastic about updating my blog as i used to, besides the mid-term exam is literally just around the corner. Exactly at this time of the year, the new batch of six formers are coming in too. I had to do the slide show for their orientation as the committee of the student council. Oh yeah, and a whole lot of paperwork for the Girl Guides Half-Day Camp. Thanks god my teacher is really super duper nice ! She helped and guided me through most of it =)

Seeing myself doing all these, i traced out the pattern, no my pattern .. It seems to me that, i've moved to the background of things, quietly(technically laa) doing background stuff. Not like my usual self that was always actively participating in activities not bothering about what it takes for an activity to actually come alive and work out. I can think of one analogy of this change : I'm no longer the drawing nor the colors of a painting, i've become the frame that sets the painting to be a perfect thing to look at ..

The funny part is, i enjoy doing the background stuff, despite my hyper-active nature and egoistic self, i actually like going home, typing several letters, program list, etc. Seeing bits by bits of puzzle working something solid out drags my mind away from stuff.

My time is obviously running out. It's already May in just a blink of the eyes. I'm pretty sure i will screw up my mid-term exam, total lost ! I'm literally living in guilt day by day because i'm committing suicide in the sense that i'm still slacking around not bothering much about my studies ! I'm 100% sure that if i keep this up, i'll regret to death by the end of the year. But .. I can't seem to find the motivation i need anyhow ! I know, so screwed up right ? I'm messing with time, luck and my future in one shot, cool huh ? OTL

Hmm.. such a long draggy,rambling,babbling post .. ! Thank you so much if you lent me your time reading this.. Haha ..! Are you kind enough to leave me some motivating comments too ? *puppy eyes* =P

Yours sincerely,

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