Saturday, May 14, 2011

of ramblings and epic conclusion of worldwide phenomenon

Greetings, earthlings !

Glad that i'm officially done with the lower six orientation. But what's coming up next is worse than the orientation - Mid-term exams. Oh my .. ! The first day of the exam itself is History Paper 1. It's about World History and Islamic History. After studying without really absorbing what i was reading, i'm taking a break. Sigh. It's easy to quit and slack ! You can choose between :

Enjoy now and regret later
Suffer now and enjoy later

Enjoy is in both ways, but the consequences are totally different. The first one seems tempting enough, but the consequence of it is surely devastating ! I've tried that once, during SPM .. i don't fancy a second time. The second one, however, requires an unusual amount of wisdom and discipline that hardly existed in me ! I get distracted way too easily, it's hard to keep track of whatever schedule i've set. But i need to give it a try by hook or by crook ! Funny that i'm using this idiom.. don't really like it.

Anyways, besides stress, i was randomly typing stuff into the youtube searching bar and found out this. It was uploaded to YouTube last year i guess, but .. this is the first time i saw it ! The graphics are cool and i can't wait to watch it. I'm not really a hardcore HP fan, in fact, i hated it at first.. not until my sister bought me the first three of the seven books that i fell in love with the story. (when she told me she's gonna buy me novels, i was begging internally that she won't end up buying HP..LOL)

Though, i'm unconditionally and irrevocably in love with the books, it's not the same with the movies. Only a few of them are good like the first and the fourth which are The Sorcerer's Stone and The Goblet of Fire. The others, i sort of think that they actually ruined the storyline pretty badly. That's part of the reason why i'm not addicted to the movies. The dominating part is the actor. Mainly Daniel Radcliffe. He was okay in the first few movies, but when he started growing and girls are going crazy over him, it's like ... another Justin Bieber case ! I personally don't think he's hot or whatsoever, he's rich, maybe. But i like Emma Watson though, funny eh ? However, i'm still excited to watch the epic conclusion of the worldwide phenomenon

I think if you were to give birth to a child after watching the first movie of the Harry Potter series, by now, your kid will probably be.. what ? 10 years old or maybe slightly older ? Time .. time .. ! 

Yours truly,


p/s : Hope they will screen this in July here !


  1. really can't wait to see the movie after i watch this trailer..

  2. I am going to watch this with my friends! awesome story ;D


You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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