Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Merdeka !!

See, i told you next update would be really soon !

Haha, so .. I went to the KLCC's Bookfest yesterday. Well, what can i say ? Being surrounded by books can't feel anymore better PLUS ... no, lets not talk about the 'plus thing', so yeah .. it was good. Brilliant. Not really, because I can't find books I wanted. Can you believe it ? NOT even Mitch Albom's Have a Little Faith ! Such disappointment ! I've been patrolling round and round the English section and just can't find books I wanted. I pity him =( He wasn't IS NOT interested in books at all but he still followed me going round and round the place plus, NO PLUS, AND put up with my super duper craziness like, real madness. Come to think of it, where did those amount of patience came from ?

Right, from those five books I said i wanted in my previous post, I only manage to grab one on the list. The rest, I seriously cannot find it. I don't think they have it there and then.
#books I managed to grab.

As you can see, that's the only books I've bought. Something borrowed was my intentioned book. Room wasn't in my list but it was everywhere in the bookfest ! Yes, everywhere ! And after reading the comments about the book from VAs, i decided to give it a try. I was thinking about buying Eat, Pray, Love .. but, i don't remember why i discarded it.

And guess what ? I've decided to hurl myself at Tony Parsons' books right after my finals. His books are like those of self help .. uhm, something like Mitch Albom ? So yeah, imma start collecting his books. Wanna contribute ? LOL ! I actually had a hard time deciding what books to buy, because for certain reasons .. i mean the lack of books that i wanted completely turned off my book shopping mood. Well, the bright side of it is, my mom is safe from the nightmare that i bought tonnes of books. Really, compared to the number of books i bought last year, this is really like .. only a tiny teenie bit !

And my brother came home bringing this ..

#jar of sweetness and love

He bought this jar of sticky candies for his girlfriend and showed off to me ! I guess he's trying to rub it in that I'm single and lonely, LOL ! Joking. Ahhh, my favorite brand of candy, incomparable to even marks and spencer's chocolates, candies or whatsoever. Seriously .. I wish I have a boyfriend so that he can buy me Sticky candies ! LOL !! Just kidding. My boyfriend has to be more than that. Lol lol lol. It's so cute !!!

But .. who cares .. I've got bigger sized one ..

... in a wayyyyy cuter container ! :P (photo not clear, OTL) But .. I still 'tak sampai hati' wanna eat it ! =.= Oh well. So yeah, MINE is bigger in size, candies i mean ! (WTH .. since when i'm so childish !!)

And i just realize after all those rambles, my post has got nothing to do with the title AT ALL !

#source : google

So yeahhhhh ! HAPPY MERDEKA !!!!!!! :D Happy Independence Day, Malaysia ! I heart this country without politic issues in the picture. <3



Before i begin, I warned you to stop reading. This is only some crap thoughts of mine, no joke. 

Well, i was thinking .. how true what a friend of mine once said. Feelings can be deceiving. For what reason, i don't know .. but this phrase has been ringing in my mind. When i first heard, or rather read it .. i didn't pay much attention. But hitherto, when i think about it, yeah .. feelings ARE deceiving. It always tells you to do something that is obviously irrational. Perhaps, insane ? I don't know. But that's not the case or point. It's just that .. sometimes, you want something, but you know you shouldn't. You know something is not true, but you want to believe in that it's true. You know something is not meant to be yours, but you want it yours. Or you know something shouldn't feel this way, but it feels right. This is getting a bit repetitive .. Never mind. Oh yeah, i came across with this quote while flipping through Room. It's a mind over matter case. If you don't mind it, it doesn't matter. Maybe this applies to feelings too. Some feelings, if you don't give a damn about it .. it won't matter. But the tricky part is, how can you NOT give a damn about how something feels. OR how you're feeling OR what someone is feeling. Actually, there are always time when i feel insecure. Maybe it's because I'm really sensitive. I always have the feeling that whatever i have that i'm happy with won't last. This sense of insecurity can be really overwhelming and turns me into a drama queen. Yes, at some point, i can be really dramatic. People usually thinks that this is due to some past history that traumatized me. But, as far as my memory serves me right, no.. i don't remember anything that has ever happen in my life that'd leave me feeling insecure. It's naturally in me. And sometimes, it gets fully at me and I'll start throwing tantrum at anyone about anything that cross my path or maybe shut myself away which nowadays called emo. I trust easily, I doubt as easy too. Really. And it frustrates me really a lot that .. I can't really differentiate what is serious what is a joke or a prank. I know my doubting can hurt too. That's why, i'm a double-edged blade. It cuts both ways. I really don't like too much guessing. It ends in two ways A) Drives me really mad. B) I lost interest and turn really mean. 

Okay, screw all those. 

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