Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baby, it's August !

WARNING ! : Crap post.

It's August already in just a blink of the eyes ! *blink blink blink* LOL.. Well, i didn't start my blog in August, i started it in July, so yeah, i missed its birthday ! >< LOL I was freaking busy, busy for nothing ! OTL Anyways, August is my favorite month. Maybe because I was born in August or maybe because it's the number 8 ! haha, even number and a very lucky number according to Chinese, not that i care !

Looking back, I can't believe from not wanting to enter form six until entering form six eagerly, this whole form six thing is almost ending. Just a few more months and i can bid school goodbye for good this time. My life, it's never what i expected. Not a single bit, except from my SPM results, it came out exactly like how i expected it to. But other stuff, no. It never. Like being here and now. But that's the fun part of life. Teehee :D

Anyways, as I said, it's MY BIRTHDAY MONTH !!! Woohoo .. July was chaotic, bad and annoying. Well, there were some small part of good in it. But all i can remember is a piece of tangled thoughts and chaotic scenes. And I seriously hope this month can be a bit more peaceful. I simply just love August. But i can't believe I'm turning XX in less than a week's time ! I wanna stay XX forever .. :( and I still haven't got a boyfriend !!! There was this novel that said, if you don't get a boyfriend before *this certain age*, then your life will be incomplete ! :( :( :( haha, that book was a crap la, ftw !

It's just that, looking at my wishing list, i crossed out only very limited stuff. =( sad.. And i was thinking of buying something for myself .. Maybe the rougeberry perfume ? Or maybe a book ? That's the cheapest among my stupid wish list, FML. And i regretted so much for not buying that book during the outing with my friends on last Friday. Sigh. Anyways, it's just a birthday, i've learned to not expect. Because when you don't expect, any single thing will make u feel happy. :)

Having a beating heart and a working brain is the best i can ask for. My life, it's made out of pure luck besides love. Imagine if i was born a couple of years earlier where pacemaker doesn't exist or not officially launched, I would have died. The fact that I'm still here never fail to take my breathe away. I'm still breathing =)

Sorry that I've never had a normal blog post since god knows when. So it's all me rambling and stuff. Have a good and lovely August would ya ? =D

Happy August !



owh, that's a souvenir from my class monitor by the way, from penang :) i like souvenirs because, it's the fact that your friends thought of you even he or she was away enjoying themselves that matters ! =D

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