Friday, July 29, 2011

upside down

#emptied book rack 

My mom reckons i should start packing up stuff i don't usually use for the moving. If you've been reading my blog, i guess you might already have the rough idea that i'm moving soon. So yeah, the date has yet to be set because of the feng shui stuff and the renovation is about to start. Only minor renovations. The biggest is restoring the toilet in my brother's room. Lol. Coming weekends might be house cleaning activity for the family. 

Anyways, life has been so chaotic these days. Having some issues with my class teacher. I don't know how to place this, if i am to type out the whole story, it's like complaining. She's old, and she's a teacher. I guess, all i can do is to suck it up as usual. Life in her class won't be easy anymore. But what else i can do ? You know the funniest part ? I thought of quiting. But i love some other subject so much and my friends and teachers who are really nice. and i know the idea of quiting is extremely imbecilic ! 

I never shed a single tear when i was undergoing the surgery back in form 4, not until the nurses pushed me out and i saw my family and the thought that i survived it rushes out grateful tears. The doctors and nurses said i was brave. Lol. And for more than 10 years as a student, my parents never receive any calls complaining about me. She did not respect my parents, she was really rude. I don't see how am i ever gonna respect her anymore than just acknowledging her as a teacher. People always say that in school, teachers are our parents. And i've always respect them that way. But, universe, forgive me, not her. 

I don't want to begrudge her or anything, and i don't want to blame her. I take it as my fault. My inability to satisfy her demanding and unreasonable requests. Until one extend that she had to be rude to my parents, my bad. But honestly, she made the worst teacher in my former school an angel. 

This kind of drama took most of my attention off things. I didn't realize it's the end of the month and i almost forgot what's coming up next Saturday. It wasn't until i look up the calender that i realize 6 of August is next Saturday. Time flies.

I'm strong when love from my family and friends form the basic in me.


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