Tuesday, July 5, 2011

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Greetings, earthlings !

Really glad that the problem I was facing while uploading photo in blogspot has been resolved ! =) It's July and yesterday felt as is it was the first day of 2011. Seriously, I know it's lame but time flies, really.

It's already the fifth day of July. I know my blog has been really slow on updates and all, but I would like to clarify for you that, it's not because I'm busy studying. In fact, I'm still slacking. I feel guilty all the same. Reckon I should do something about it right now. Anyways, the school is really busy about the Annual Sports Day this Friday. You can see teachers intruding classes to pull students out and blackmail them for their attendance to the practice. Haha, no joke. They are all so eager to win the house cup.

I try hard not to involve too much in these sports thingy. Not the athlete type. Not passionate at all about school sports and stuff. I'm the paperwork. Haha. Well, my bestie finished her A-Levels at Taylors recently and she's really free, before she finds a job at least. Hung out with her and all. You never know how grateful I am to have her around. It's more or less 4 months more before the real exam is here and about two months more before my trials.

It's mad, given the percentage of the time I study versus the time I slack. I seriously need a time turner, maybe I'll borrow one from Hermione 14 of July ? LOL. Hopefully, i won't miss the grand finale of the worldwide phenomenon. Right, as you may now realize, this is just another rambling post of mine. Sorry ! However, I miss my blog and figured, i might just crap something for this month !

Oh, I almost forgot. The moving plan is now 70% done. The procedure i mean, so after all those picking good dates all and all, I'll be moving to a new house ! Teehee. =)

Till the next post then.



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