Sunday, October 21, 2012

I am Number Three

Hi !

Well, no, much to your disappointment, it's not a movie review, mind you. But why the title ? That's a long story. (By the way, I think Number 3 died in Malaysia) Not really long, so here goes the story;

One day, I decided that I might as well go out with my room mate on a Sunday since I'm not running back home. So when she came back one day, I don't remember when, I asked her if she wanted to go watch a movie and she excitedly said yes. She brought up that our college senior actually asked if she wanted to go watch movie with him, so in the end, all three of us went to Mid Valley to watch House At The End of The Street, #HATES ! It's been ages since I've been to Mid Valley ever since I entered university. Well, give a month or so. Lets cut to the chase, we went to MPH since we still had some time after having lunch. And god forbids, the new arrival rack instantly took my life away !

Yes ! Top of the list, The Time Keeper, Mitch Albom. I knew at once when this book was released, but I told myself, it's okay, we'll wait till the paperback is out. And ever since it was released, I've never stepped into any book stores so it didn't really bother me much. But when I saw this physically in MPH, I started to debate with myself. I was like, hmm, there have to be at least one luxurious-oven-hot-just-released-book once in your lifetime right ? So I was holding this book, wandering around with my room mate, still debating whether should I buy it. Then, comes another tragedy ..

J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy. Omaigod. I mean, it's been years ever since she had any new book ! And it's huge and cheaper than The Time Keeper and she kept me waiting longer than Albom did. So I grabbed it along as well and continued wandering, mumbling if I should buy them, wtf. Like I'm rich or something, gahh ! But finally, I decided we shouldn't waste our time wandering around a book store full of books when non of us have any solid intention to buy any books at all. I put those two books down, yes, asshole I am, and collected our senior from the magazine section and was about to leave ..

Damn it, The Twelve, Justin Cronin. The previous two books, I knew it was released because I kept tab with both authors. But this, I had no idea for some particular reason. I was like, doomsday ! Why aren't we freshmans granted with the book vouchers ? This book can still wait, but the previous two books are driving me insane !! Gah ..

SO .. yeah, you've just wasted few minutes to read about my ranting on new releases. But hello, it's been ages since there are books that I really wanted can ?

Paperbacks, I'm waiting for you !!

Book hunter,


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

my missing half

Lately, I came across this blog post by a very consistent blogger, Shuwen. She shared  her thoughts on what's a friend. You guys should read it ! :) So, might as well expect that this post is something related to the very same issue.
Readers of my blog would be familiar with her, my ultimate bestie of the century. Yes, her. That very same girl who at first impression I thought was quite, well, nerdy. And that very same woman who stuck around with me despite my awfulness, bitchiness-I don't even know if that's a world, but screw it and selfishness. If I have to name one person apart from my family that puts up with all my shits, who else would it be if it's not her ?
I don't want to repeat all over again how grateful am I to have her in my life, when I already did in my old post I guess. Lol, it's just that now that she's a few thousand miles away, it makes me realize that how much I miss her and how I've taken her for granted ever since the second we laid eyes on each other, wtf. But yeah, you get what I'm trying to say. 

And given that a small drama came up before she left, so yeah .. 

Hey woman,

I'm sorry you had to, and hopefully will have to, put up with everything that I've put you through and still be there for me. Guess you love sticking your nose at where you shouldn't ! Hah ! You don't get much compliment from me, so might as well print this and frame it up. They said, well the horoscopes said that Capricorn and Leo don't get along. But if you ask me, I'm a tad bit too old for those crap. And the fact is, we're still as awesome as how we used to be right ? 

Things I've always knew and always proud of but never told you are, man, you're beautiful ! :) Inside out. And that you're not fat. Yes, I've been teasing you all these time, all these years ! But no, you're not because you're just you. And I'm sorry it actually hits you badly. You're simply awesome. Really, you're simply very decent. You can be reckless, you can be tubelight, you can be the Nandini who sings super well but whoever and no matter how good you can be at something, you're always you at the end of the day. You don't brag. Maybe that's because you always have the mindset that you're not good enough because there are millions of people out there that is better than you. Above all, you don't look down on anyone. :) It's simply amazing that you're in my life. I'll never want you to leave my life .. haha ! 

And you're like so freaking far away now, the only way to stay connected is through social sites and blahs, blahs ! You think things will remain the same ? Yeah, next year can't come any sooner ! 

Take care of yourself, and never forget yourself or I'll disown you ! Hahaha.

Love you too much :P


p/s : Our friendship is a beautifully matured child that takes good care of itself. :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

new born, new life

Hi !

It's awfully long since I've last blogged. I know right, what an epic failure of a blogger I am ! It's like I'm retreating far away from this blogosphere before even stepping into it. But this time around, I'm not entirely governed by my lazy genes. It's the hectic life I'm currently leading now and the sucky line my hostel provides. Well, the latter doesn't count I suppose given that I could have went to the library if I really wanted to blog so badly. Thing is, I don't have much time. I don't suppose you want to read on about me ranting and rambling about how many assignments I have to get done before the deadline is here right ?

Baby Aayden is growing so fast. Notice his chubbiness ? Just look at his small tiny hands ! It's so awesomely cute .. And I just realize, there's some changes sprouting in my life. Well, first is this chubby baby boy arriving in our family, then it's my entirely new life as a university student. And, well, my besties being away from me. They said university is where you make new friends that last for the rest of your life. I don't know if it applies to me too. I miss my friends. Coming here makes me miss them and my family too.

I look forward to going back home despite it's just 30 minutes drive or less away. It's not because I'm a spoiled brat. I don't expect anyone to understand me. I spent most of my time now in university. I don't want to feel like an outcast again among my family. Spending most of my time away makes me so .. outdated about what's happening back home. Because you're away, you're not aware of what's happening at home. Even the tiny little insignificant details that I missed, will miss or might miss makes me feel so .. detached from home. It's part of the insecurity ? Thank god it's UPM I got into. I'd die of depression if I get any further I guess. Such a child ain't I ?

Life begins at the end of our comfort zone. I guess I'm pretty much still in my comfort zone. Just half a step out of it. But this whole university thing, it turns your perspective around. You no longer have teachers babysitting you. I'm still trying to get used to all this craps. And just like any other newbies in university, 24 hours a day is simply just not enough.

By the way, I think I'll have to pick up this blogging thing again as soon as possible. I want to get into Nuffnang after I graduated ! Haha, which mean, I have to run an awesome blog.

Need to get going. Till then.

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