Tuesday, September 18, 2012

it's fun because we are young


So it's been a couple of years days since I posted something. Please pardon your lazy and extremely busy blogger. No, seriously, I AM busy.

So uni life has officially started right after that one week of orientation. Truth be told, I still haven't figure out the fun part of uni life. Maybe it's because my time table is shitty, or maybe it's because the first assignment I have to deal with is pretty shitty too.

Don't get me wrong, living in an entirely new environment and meeting new friends is totally fun, like totally. But I guess I still haven't fully and completely adapt my self to this new life, I really miss home, despite it's just 30 minutes drive away, wtf.

#orientation week

New friends, part of them. And I'm honourably glad that I'm assigned to a room mate .. Because some of my coursemates have got no room mate or room mate happens to be an unrelated senior. And guess what ..

#room mate
My room mate was born on the exact same date with me ! Lol, awesome yet creepy. One word : Faith.

Anyway, I was browsing through facebook via my phone and came across this article that says that the girl who underwent the heart changing surgery five years ago passed away.

It happened 5 years ago and the news that she survived the surgery was spread nationwide. The article claimed that she complained to her father that she feel sick earlier this morning at 8 a.m. Her father immediately sent her to hospital but she still passed away. She lived for 19 years. 

I guess it hits close home. I was shocked one minute and the next, I was in tears. It is impossible to ignore the fact that miracle happened to her, but it did not last. Who knows .. I might probably face the same faith too. 

If this is a wake up call, then it's telling me to cherish whatever I'm having because .. you never know when the miracle that happened to you is decided to be taken away. But she is one brave girl. May her soul rest in peace.

This must be a super shitty week. 

Till then


Sunday, September 9, 2012

one step at a time

I must say, what a week. 

I've finally registered for my university, settled in and went through that one week of orientation. No, let me correct that, one week of MADNESS.

I've always knew university orientation is crazy, but I didn't know it'd be mad. It's not that awful, at least no humiliating pranks. 

This is where I'll be living for a year, or maybe even more. Well, maybe.

Orientation was madness for me because those facilitators in charge won't let us off till at least past one in the morning and we have to gather up at 5.30 in the morning. For your information, letting us off at one is by far the earliest. For the first couple of days, it's 2.30 or maybe 2.45. We were not given enough time to bath during the day and everything was a rush. The first morning, my room mate and I woke up at 4.15 just to bath in icy cold water. It's almost impossible to stay clean throughout the orientation because we wore the same shirt for a couple of times.

Apart from that, everything was considerably fun. It happens that it's a tradition for newbies of each college in the campus to do cheers in the grand hall during this week. It's the only time when you can make so much noise in the grand hall. UPM has got a total of 17 colleges and you can imagine what an uproar when 17 colleges tackling each other with noisy cheers. It was really awesome in the grand hall when all the college residents unite and cheer loudly in unison. Sadly, my college was too passive. We didn't manage to perform how our seniors expected us to perform.

There was this small seminar held in my college's hall by the counselling staffs in UPM. The counsellor gave us a small piece of paper and told us to write a speech on each side of the paper. One speech to self and one speech to your love ones. Then she asked people who volunteered to read it out loud. And that was when I realized, how lucky I really am. There's a story behind everyone. And I'm glad my story is filled with joy and also tears balancing with each other, or maybe struggling to maintain a balance. I've a better way of living than so many other people out there. It made me self conscious.

  My favourite part of this orientation must be the Bukit Expo in the university. Facilitators lead us there to jog in the morning and I was stunned by it's view. It was cool and misty early in the morning and very green. I'm so glad it's only walking distance from my college. When everyone was jogging, I was walking slowly. I wanted to join them, to be the part of their rhythmic footsteps and feel my muscles pull and flexes. I'd like to feel the wind on my face. But I had to surrender to myself.

It occurs to me that this 3 and a half year time might as well be the last time to enjoy and UPM has so much to offer. I've always been carefree about my studies. Just slightly, very slightly above the average level then it's okay for me alreadt. But then here I am, in UPM. And I finally get to do what I like. I start to crave for more. All these while, I never gave much thought because, i doubt I'm highly result oriented kind of person mainly because my parents don't really mind. They don't push me hard. And also because I doubt I can do it. I've never been the smart kid in school nor the hardworking kid.

But now, I'm aiming to achieve my goal. No one told me I can't. I've always been the one who think that I can't. I still do doubt myself. But with determination and motivated, I'm driven to tell myself to go and work for it. You won't be 101% that you will achieve what you want, but you can always try 201 times.

Creating victory. All I got to do is just learn how to stick to this determination.

I've never really slept much this week. So, I'll go sleep now !

When I have the chance I'll definitely shoot some photo of the awesome park in my uni :)

Till then.



Saturday, September 1, 2012

Edge of Glory


It's already the first day of September, the end of the first day of September. But this pathetic blogger has to somehow summarize what's she's been up to, mainly in August.

August lied quietly between the borderline of eventful and dull. When August started, I went around to get documents certified and ran bank errands. And then, like my previous post, Fene gave birth to a healthy dragon baby. Ever since then, my mom stayed over at her house to aid her with the traditional Chinese confinement. I spent most of my August alone at home.

To be honest, it was really depressing at first. Washing clothes, sweeping and moping around. No one to talk to, just hog the internet. No mom shuffling here and there. Just me, the internet and the radio. I'll wake up a bit late than necessary so the day ends faster. But soon enough, I got used to it. 

I was secretly glad that there was this one week of Hari Raya holiday for my father. I can't really recall what I did with him, but I was glad I didn't have to stay at home alone. Moms are seriously heroes. They can quietly do all these chores waiting for their husband and children to come back at night. Anyway, Labelle and mummy accompanied me to shop for some formal attires. Was so glad that I can flex my legs' muscles ! The sales was still on and I spent quite a lot that day given that I 'accidentally' splurged when I came to this boutique at Shop-a-lot where Labelle works at. She has got discounts for all the stuff there .. I just can't help it !!! On the same day, my father brought me to KLCC bookfest after I've been nagging him for a few days :D 

Then, there's the packing. 

Initially, I wanted to bring this luggage and another storage box for my miscellaneous stuff. But then, after considering that I'm only born with two hands, I packed again and managed to squeeze everything into the luggage. 

I'll be at UPM tomorrow to start my yet another journey of education. I thought I'd feel excited. I'm glad I had the whole August to myself after 6 months of working. I got my stuff settled and hopefully rested. I seriously don't know how those who spent 8 months at home doing nothing but hogging the computer or just stone all day long can get back into the real world after so long. 

Because I'm shying away from the idea of getting into an all new environment tomorrow after just spending one month at home.

All right, time's up. Wish me luck !


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