Saturday, February 23, 2013

iPhone 5 - RM 250

Hey there, greetings !

So, it has been a while for a real post from me and I know I'm at fault but believe me, I've been really really busy for the past couple of weeks,days,hours, minutes, whatevever! Yes.. even though my semester just started less than a week, I'm kinda busy. Hopefully it'll be over soon.

Okay, I got to cut to the chase. So yeah .. I've bought an iPhone 5 :D It's almost a week now .. but if you've been following my twitter, you'd realize the frequent photo spam via my instagram!

This classy earphone case with the apple logo :D

And .. TADAAA ...
iPhone 5
..The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone -Apple.

And right now you'd be thinking: HOLY SHIT ! iPhone 5, RM 250 ?! You kidding me?! 

No I'm NOT!

Because ..
#troll face.jpg

Heh .. Yes, you just got trolled. This post is a combination of ze blogger with a new phone and collecting her 250 ringgit book voucher :D Couldn't be more smug. 

Anyway, with that, I officially(LOL) announce to you ... *drum rolls*

My ...

Yessss. Do follow me on Instagram, stalker! ;)

Till then.



Sunday, February 17, 2013

Untitled #5

I wonder if my brain could permit me to have a vacation away from it. It thinks too much .. on its own. 

And it often makes me detest myself, for so many things. 

Why did I chose to not believe your feelings at that time? Why did I trusted what someone else said and broke my promise? I should have asked you myself there and then. Not now.

If I had the courage to trust you, maybe I wouldn't be trapped in this situation. 

Things happen for a reason, and things happen only in one way because "If" do not really exist. If I could rewind time, I'd do whatever I can to undo those hurt and damages. 

But who am I fooling. It's getting dark and thing's are getting late. I'm more than 25 minutes too late.

.. If you'd just know what you mean to me. 

I'm aneh sorry even though it's too late to apologize. 

The overthinker,


Friday, February 1, 2013

#MyLDS2013 - Impacted

Hello everyone !

If you are following my twitter or my Facebook friend, you'd notice that I've been tweeting a lot about #MyLDS2013. More about what is MyLDS here. So this 6 days 5 nights conference held in UM is over. Well, I won't give a blow by blow full account of what happen. 

This will be an emotional journey in MyLDS.

#Finally reaching UM after two days of Pre-MyLDS

Pre-MyLDS was held in UPM organized by our AIESEC seniors and I have to say they were really awesome. They did a really great job despite our responds were really cool and cold throughout the sessions they conducted.

#Where we all are for most sessions !

We're not suppose to lost this or forget to wear this or else it will be punishment time! The first day in AIESEC was quite tiring yet interesting. We were assigned to different group and my group was the awesome Giraffe.

We were all strangers to each other. We came from different background. Some of them aren't even Malaysian. But yet, we clicked almost immediately ! We were asked to come up with a group name, but we decide to keep Giraffe ! Because Giraffes are tall, they look further and they reach higher.

Through this 6 days 5 nights conference, we did so much. There were inspirational talks and alumni sharing. And of course skill development classes for our ultimate case challenge.

It might sound boring and meaningless to you. But throughout this conference, I've learnt so much more about AIESEC and most of all about myself. 

Upon entering University, I guess I could say I completely lost myself in the struggle of finding the sense of belonging in University. I was no longer the noisy social bug. I kept looking back at how great secondary and high school was. I kept hoping to relive those moments of awesomeness. To be really honest, I hated the life in Uni. 

I felt completely on my own. My closest friends all away from me and I was struggling to get use to the life in University. I miss home so badly. And then there were stress from assignments and tests and whatnots. Though I have my room mate, but things are no longer how it used to be. I started doubting myself to whether I made the right choice to be in University. I felt like I don't know what to do with myself.

I couldn't find my own clique. People here have the different mindset and they were nerve wrecking. I started keeping to myself. I had the thought that I don't blend in. But then again, University is all about diversity. When friends asked me how am I doing, I wanted so much to tell them I'm dying here. I bloody hate my life. But I didn't want anyone to worry and start thinking I'm weak and I can't adapt. 

I started joining University activities. I joined AIESEC because I wanted to speak English. I used to speak English back in High School and when I came here, everyone speaks Chinese and I was freaked out. And then I joined PAP(Pesta Ang Pau). All these were my vague effort in search of something to fill that hollowness I've been feeling. I was eager to join, but I will start backing off soon. I didn't want to commit, I don't feel like it. 

I begin to realize it's because I don't feel like a part of it in everything that I'm doing. 

Impact Now is MyLDS 2013's tagline. And it was rather very impacting. There were 540 delegates not including organising committees and facilitators. We all came from different background, with different intentions at the beginning. 

 But I'm sure we pretty much go back with just one thought, to bring the impact to more people. It wasn't the talk during LEAD session nor the talk during BELIEVE that inspire everyone so much. It was the bond between respective local committees and every group members as well as new friends that we've made that made us grow so much. Because we did not know each other, we learn from each other and we inspire each other.

I'm so grateful that I was blessed with a group of awesome people in my group. They trusted me as their leader throughout the whole conference. And they readily give commitment during the case challenge, though I'm really sorry we didn't manage to the finals. I should have taken more initiative. 

On the last day of this conference, we had an activity where people were divided into different groups according to numbers they were given. Everyone had to close their eyes and those in the group of the number being called will stand up and walk around the plenary hall. The chair of the conference will say "Tap the person you think is a good leader" Then, those standing up will walk around the hall tapping those with their eyes closed. It was really a heart clenching session as you get to express your feeling about someone without using any word. Every time I get tapped, I feel grateful and touched.

These are sugar cubes. It is an AIESEC culture where at the end of the conference, you will have your sugar cube stick on the wall and anyone can drop a note to you.

This is when everyone writes what they think of you. It can be a simple note from thank you, it was nice meeting you to loaded ones like telling you how you've changed their lives. 

This one week conference was crazy. I've done crazy things like FREE HUGS and winning my team in Youth to Business to a networking dinner with CEOs of several companies like Accenture, P&G, Ernst and Young and MSC. And also doing free fall. Not to forget we, LC UPM totally rocked the plenary hall with our performances and roll calls ! 

During Pre-MyLDS, our senior said we must at least know everyone in our on LC. Every single one of them. Because AIESEC has several departments and even we're from the same University, we might not know everyone in AIESEC. But I'm proud that after just one or two days, we know everyone in our own LC. We become a very prominent LC in MyLDS with our over the top craziness and integrity. Some friends I just met actually said that our LC's teamwork was awesome ! 

#Meet Mo from Thailand !

#Meet Rami from Egypt currently studying in UTP !

These two are the people who have inspired me the very most throughout the conference. Mo was really great and she taught me a lot. As for Rami, I have to say he is the best faci one could ask for. His non-stop encouragement and how willingly and readily he shares his experience for us to relate. I was freaking out because as the leader, I didn't know what to do to help my group ready for the case challenge, but he kept encouraging all of us. 

I can say, I've finally feel that I belong. And I felt happy throughout this conference, even after the conference, I still feel happy every time I think of the memories we all shared. Those are memories about 600 people shared. A facebook group was created yesterday for MyLDS 2013 and within less than 24 hours, we have 446 members now and the number is still adding. What's everyone doing ? Everyone is sharing their feelings about this conference and sharing awesome moments in this conference !

It is not easy to step out of your comfort zone, but once you did, you're about to lead an awesome life. 

I regained myself and found my purpose. After reading all those encouraging messages and notes in my sugar cube, I feel so touched, inspired and awed by the amount of trust these people I just met placed upon me. And then, I asked myself, what's next ?

I'll do all I can to create a better self and also be the source of energy and inspiration I've seen in MyLDS. To help others by giving what I have. All I hope is that I can keep this spirit burning on and on. Apart from setting off on my AIESEC journey, I fervently wish that my family would understand what all these mean to me and they'd support me.

What's next ? Leadership position in AIESEC, international conference, facilitating conference and if time and money constraint can be overcome, GCDP(Global Community Development Programme) and finally, of course GIP(Global Internship Programme) !

Why ? Because ..

I remember one of my friend who used to be a blogger once told me that being a blogger, we should be able to contribute and inspire people who come and read our blog. And I hope this new tags : #MyAIESECJourney and #TheStoryAboutUs can inspire you and I promise to update on these two tags as much as possible.

I'm inspired, I'm impacted, I'm back,

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