Sunday, October 2, 2011

the best things in life

"The best things in life are free." Do you agree ? 

 This is the title for my MUET essay for trials.

When I saw this, I made up my mind agreeing with the statement without giving it a thought. Maybe I really wanted to get it done as soon as possible. Maybe I'm short-sighted that I got trapped by the word free. I jumped to a conclusion that when they mentioned free, it actually means things that we do not have to pay money for. I got the lowest mark in my history of essay writing. After reading my friend's essay on the very same topic, I've finally got the idea of what do they really mean by best things in life and free.

More often than never, confidence overwhelmed us and we tend to fail in thinking out of the box. "Best things in life" is a very general statement. It varies according to different people. Why ? Because every one of us has different perspective and experience in life despite how very same we might be. For instance, I might think reading is the best stress-releasing activity. But others might suggest some other activities. You might think the best thing in life is one's achievement, but I'd think the best thing in life is love. However, I have come to a point that I have to say, no matter what your definition for best things in life are, it is not free and never will be.

Maybe I should start with the most common thing that people said its free which is love. Love is free, they might say. But if you think deeply, no, it's not. Be it the love from your family, friend or your soul mate. Yes, love can be given unconditionally, but the price we paid, did you realize, is time ? Even family you need time not to mention friends and soul mate.

One will be very wrong if one is to think that the love from a mother is totally free. It's definitely not free. The risk she took and the perfect figure she gave up in order to conceive a small life that she will later on have to put infinite time and care raising that little life up is nothing some mere dollar bills can measure. That's the best example from family love.

And friends, how much time spent creating memories and gaining trust in order to build up a strong and loving friendship ? I'm hundred percent positive that you don't love a friend that you've made an hour ago. All these need plenty efforts and time.

Your soul mate too, you spend time together from small conversations to get to know each other to complications with heartbreaks and tears involved in the whole process until you can actually hold him/her in your arms. What has been involved ? Time. And for most guys, of course, the ultimate courtship.

In simple English, best thing in life is not free, anything at all. You always have to either give up something or go through something in order to gain something else. Because, life as we know it needs exchanges. Before this, I've always think that best things in life are free. We do not have to pay for love, we do not have to pay for life. If only money wise, yes .. There are many things that we don't have to pay money to get it. But efforts put in, time sacrificed ? Those are things more worthwhile than some dollar bills.

Why did I change my mind ? Someone convinced me with the most simple act.

I shared this on facebook, and said that I supposed this is free. He came and told me no. It's not, nothing is, because it requires courage. Unconvinced, I challenged, how much you paid ? And he answered this :

It's some simple teasing but it  triggers me into thinking .. well, true enough, nothing IS free. Holding  someone's hand that you love needs courage and obviously love. Then again, without time and effort, love and courage don't just fall out of the sky into your lap, do they ?

It must be some trend tumblr has indeed developed because you can see people sharing photos, pictures with quotes everywhere.









source :
If I have to pick my favorite out, it'd be the one about love is friendship set on fire and the one about one of the best things in the world along with #1, #5, #7 and #8 ! 

And he ended his essay with something like this : In order to get the best things in life, we have to give up ignorance. It's not exactly the same but hopefully the meaning is still there. 

Life's short, don't wait until it's too late.

These hands, once held are not meant to be let go of  

Lots of love,


p/s : i love the way how your big hands wrap up my really small ones. thank you for  putting up with all my nonsense and tantrums.  
i love you !


  1. Wow, you actually get this kind of topic for muet writing :O Darnn, now I'm getting even nervous. If I am given that topic, I would probably choose happiness but still just like what your friend says, it needs courage or sacrifice. So in conclusion there is no such thing as free in this world huh? *confused*

  2. oh, you're sitting for muet too ? yeah, they usually give us some general topic and ask us to make a stand ! Yep, in conclusion, nothing is free like the chinese saying, no lunch is free.

  3. Hantar this blogpost for your MUET. ;P

  4. ppl afraid to tel the world tat he loves me.....XD....

  5. @shuwen hahaha ! too late ..

    @Sim yee ; aiyer, WHO ?? the bear giver ahh ?

  6. harrrrrrr......duno...=X...
    no ppl wan me....rfrf...XDDD

  7. Wow this is seriously deep!! Gosh I love this post "The best things in life aren't things" Mind bomb xDD


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