Saturday, December 4, 2010

i am not giving up on my love!

No! i can't survive without you. i can't live without you! Okay, this sounds dumb enough to be the opening of my post. LOL. But, well, it's true! I bumped into such headlines a few mornings ago...

Chocolates are predicted to be a rare delicacy in 20 years just like caviars.

It was stated that chocolate consumptions are increasing faster than its production!='(  So, it's gonna be expensive, just like caviar. Besides, some of the cocoa farmers are on a strike too! Can't blame them at all. When the chocolate companies like bla bla bla and bla bla bla are getting richer day by day, these farmers are trying their best to survive day by day. They're being exploit! Just like what happen in Blood Diamond, except it's chocolates here. Heh. But i really can't imagine what will happen if the price of chocolates are equivalent to caviars in the future. Chocolates in our lives will be like phoof~ GONE! Well, not really gone, just that it will become so rare that average Joe won't be able to afford it.(Average Mich like me too!LOL)

Do you know where chocolates came from? They're from cacao trees!

 70% of the world's cacao are from Africa. Why important stuff like chocolates and diamonds come mostly from Africa? Phew, at least, boyfriends don't mainly come from Africa..kidding!!

10 awesome reasons you should love chocolate...
1. Chocolates are known as an aphrodisiac. In short, it makes you feel good!

 2. Lack of magnesium in ones diet may cause diseases like hypertension. Getting chocolate into your dietary system might help reduce such problem...weee!

 3. Chocolate is one great source of antioxidant. Which is entirely good for skin's health. It provides protection from radicals- main cause of aging and other skin problems.

4. Chocolate promotes serotonin(a chemical found in anti-depressants), so rather than getting prescriptions for medicines, just grab some dark chocolates for comfort!=]

 5. It contains whole lots of other nutrients like: iron, calcium, potassium and few types of vitamins.

  6. Chocolate is one kind of comfort! It's a good source of energy, low dose of caffeine and calmness. It is said that chocolates can cure fatigue due to a long day of work.(I'm pretty sure that's the reason Harry takes chocolate frogs after any encounters with Dementors..Heeee)

7. No scientific research has any strong proof that chocolate is contributive to acne!! Acne is more likely to be cause by unhealthy eating habits.

 8. Chocolates (especially dark chocolates) helps in lowering blood pressure!

  9. Fats in chocolates are not entirely bad! Only 1/3 of chocolate's fats are entirely bad!!

10. Chocolates are symbols of love and persuasion. It triggers your hormones! XD

Source: when chocolates are still affordable, get it now!! Heee...When i was doing some brief research on chocolates, i came across with something like a campaign for those suffering cocoa plantation farmers at Africa. It's great to know that people out there are doing stuff to help these people who provides such delicacies for us! Hmm....chocolates! Heee, i just bought a mars bar and snicker to satisfy my cravings. Still got a quarter of dark chocolate waiting for me in the fridge! hee hee...grab yours now! 
I am a...



  1. Yeah~~ chocolate is nice...

  2. hehe..exactly~ irresistable~=D

  3. CHOCOLATES ~!! Nooooo ~! Without them is gonna be diff !

  4. pretty sure of that..xD

  5. my middle name is chocolate ! :K

  6. it's andy chocolate yeap or andy yeap chocolate LXX kXXX? =D

  7. michelle's hearts chocolates..=D


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