Friday, December 31, 2010

my scarlet letter..

It's the last day of the decade...weee....! 10 years ago, i was just an eight year old child...time flies without mercy. It's really pointless to set any new year resolutions - for me. It's not likely that I'm ever gonna live up to it. But still, life needs goals to charge us with motivations. I will just let what happened remain merely as a memory.

Next year i will be sitting for STPM and study will be topping my list. And if there's anything i need in my studies, it will be Mr. Motivation and Miss Focus. They left me once my last paper during this year's final exam ended! On a long-term vacation i guess...Yes ! I need them very much and hoping that they will end their vacation once school starts with some "souvenirs" !

I don't really think there's anything to hope for for my physical health. Perhaps, my mental health or a.k.a emotional health? I need to gain better control over my mood swings. And next year, aside from emotional breakdowns, there will be stress too ! By now, i guess i have to admit that i'm worst at controlling my emotions and my temper. In fact, they gain full control over me..This is really hilarious, i have to cope with stresses and my own erratic emotions ! Sucks!

Over the year, my friends and i are sort of drifting apart in some ways. I know it's unavoidable, but i figured, i need to spend more time with them instead of just sitting in my own class. Because, my friends are a bunch of mates in this world that accept and like me for who i am. I don't care if they're staying forever or leaving one day, i want to appreciate any single soul that turns up in my life. And...woots...guess what? A BOYFRIEND is in my list this year..ow...c'mon...i don't need one..haha...i want one..! There are times where i want someone i can rely on aside from my best friend and my sister..Someone rank specially in my heart...Awwww.............LOL....Well, just another mission impossible !

Enough of my crappings i guess...lets see my wishlist (and yes, i will keep a list, stay around to watch me fail..=P)

Mission Possible

Mr. Motivation & Miss Focus
Better emotional control
Stay close with my friends
Keep a close in touch with mummy
Get a grip on my self-esteem >.<"
Drive ! Drive ! Drive !
A new purse

Mission Impossible

a boyfriend...weee !
end my stpm gloriously
get a small car ! =D

Interested candidates should submit your resumes a.s.a.p. OTL..haha !

So...this year is indeed drifting to an end. I can't possibly express all my feelings in simple terms or if i try, i guess i will have to pay you guys an lcd screen or a new laptop..=P

Anyways, in case if you're still reading and reach this line..(that's a miracle..=D)

I want to say that, life is really too short for you to say no and in anyways- holding back your truest feelings.


Don't you feel like it was just yesterday when you completed your SPM or STPM ? Or even your convocation? Things are never too late as long as you're still breathing, true enough. But the cruelty of this fact is, you never know when you will have to stop breathing. You never know when your time is up !

Here, as the last post of this year, a deepest bow and sincerest thank you to all my family and friends! Including you who happen to be reading this post too !

I know that sometimes i'm plainly the pain in the ass, but despite that, i'm accepted to this world as who i am.

Life is creation of God and Love is a gift of God.

It's just Mich. No other..=)


Footnote: Weeee, gonna attend another party at another friend's house ! It sounds promising enough ! Pray hard that it all goes on well ! *shouting* HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE WORLD OUT THERE !!!!!!

Have a blessed year ahead and a brand new chapter of life !!!


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  1. Wow next year STPM worr.... must add oil lo... happy new year ya

  2. Next year me SPM! D: goodluck on your sptm :))

  3. All the best for your STPM babe! You can do it :D


You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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