Tuesday, December 21, 2010

of delayed post, devours and missings...

Hey peeps! LOL..another rambling post of mine..sigh!  It's 21 December already. 4 more sleeps and it's Christmas!!! Weee...well, i suppose it will be another Christmas with my parents..OTL. But i had an early celebration at my sister's church which was really fun..haha..! Knowing the fact that she actually feels belong there, it warms me up..=)
 Last Wednesday..i went out with my "baby"! i know i know, it's long ago and i actually delayed until now only cram everything in one post..SORRY! 

LOL...camwhored = | paiseh hor~
at her house..

and, honestly, she must have mentioned before in one of our conversation but i forgot...she bought a new electric guitar!!!
cool eh? =D

see, she has a new guitar and this is what she did to her old guitar!!aw...=(
i actually like this guitar a lot..haha..she used to bring it to school! My future bf must be guitar-literate!!!wakaka..OTL

lol..the tomato sauce are free, that's why she pumped this much...jkjk..hehe...had lunch at burger king! 
(one of my many cravings!)

weee...watched narnia : the voyage of the dawn treader! considered awesome(i really like the previous two though.)

The voyage of the dawn treader was touching enough. But the maturity of Georgie Henley in the movie was so profound that i was so impressed!! Love her till the max! 

nan bought this...but who finished most of it? NAN!!!=P

And yea..i "bumped" into some dum dum too at Mid Valley..=) Some dum dum who bought a new I pad and...sigh..T__T
And this is what i got during the Christmas celebration party at my sister's Church ...

what do you think it is huh?? guess..=)

My friend Lee Ling bought some souvenir from Malacca for me too..it's some sort of handmade book mark! I like it!

And secret recipe cakes i chia-ed my sister after the Sunday service at her church...

this is my oreo cheese cake! woots..i love it to the max..haha

my sister ordered this..it's sort of a walnut chocolate cake.*with walnut shells!*
Thanks god her teeths are real!OTL

and this durian cake! wahhhhh!!! i devoured it like mad ! Can't wait to try Mikha Mom's !

It's weird that i love chocolates but i rarely fancy chocolate cakes cause' i prefer CHEESE cakes! haha.  Halfway through this post, i actually went and helped my mother out with "tang yuan"! I took some photos but i'll post it later ! haha..lazy meyhh~ =X


Two more weeks and school will reopen soon enough. >.< sort of in a dilemma! I feel excited that my upper-six life is about to unfold but also a bit blue that schooling eats up half of my time which means...NO MSN or twitter or plurk that often..! Argh.....OTL By the by, schooling at least, hopefully, WILL bring my mind off something or someone or whatever...IDK...

Ugh..this is so weird for me. I mean, i've lost count of those weird stuff i've been doing since everything spin out of control..(out of MY control at least!) Every single thing can influence my mood so vigorously i'm considering that this mood swings are all not mine..SEE...! I'm almost officially mad ! 

And i realized one thing too, that if i'm in an emotional downhill like something is really bothering me or my feelings are disturbed, etc. I will jolt awake in the middle of my sleep and started crying. Eventually, the crying won't stop and that's the rest of my night... That's one case, another case will be i wake up in the morning with tears rolling down my cheeks without even remembering what i dream about..OTL. 

Ahhhh..........DANG!!! imylh !! This is impossible but it's ... ugh.. T__T



  1. well I love the cake you posted =P mind if you willing to share some? hah

  2. yeap..ur share is at your nearest secret recipe, go get it..xD

  3. I love the bookmarks!! <3 Crying is good for you but try not to wake up in the middle of the night without calling me :<


You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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