Saturday, December 25, 2010

the last note..

The last note..

No, it's not another suicidal case here, so don't spread it like a fire ! 2010 is reaching it's end like a song drifting to it's last note. This is what i mean.=) Merry Christmas peeps !! weeeeeee...
hope you had a great Christmas eve last night. Mine was awesome ! Special thanks to my sister, Fene and her church mates ! They're simply awesome ! God blessed. Tee hee !

Well, is it time to write a summary of the year 2010? Haha..I don't really know..but it sure is the time of the year when we look back and reflect on what we've gained and loosed during the year. Or rather, what we've done.

The ending of 2010, our society (ohh..well!) have been clustered with this pathetic trend of suicidal cases and sure sucks! It's their choice..hell, yes! But your parents? Those who love you? now..


Skip those part you're not interested...LOL..See..i'm making life easier..wahaha.

Anyway, lets see...Cheers ! I've got 5 A's for my SPM and that's what I've expected of myself and i'm really happy with that! I know it did not sound very good when straight A's students are everywhere, but..HEY! it's MY result! Why do you care?=P And I'm glad that my family members are proud of what I've got. It feels great ! Not that they're applying any pressure in any form..they were pretty cool bout' my achievements !

...And yeah, i gave up the dream of becoming a beautician and decided to continue my studies in form 6. I guess those who know me pretty well must be asking why. I've been crazy about being a beautician and all sorts of stuff that i didn't even bother to apply for any matriculations or even scholarships, not that i'll get it anyway. But the reason i wanted to continue being a school girl is that... i want to write. I love to write despite i'm not good at it and always end up crapping but i just love to write.

I find the Mich i never really know through yeah, i decided that i might wanna hold a pen instead of a make up brush or whatsoever. And form six is the only way i could reach my goal. Going to college is a burden to my parents, that's at least what i think and what i see! But who cares, form six rocks in its own way! Not like the "hell" people always describe form six as. It's funny that, "Form six are not for human" ..."Form six is every students personal hell"... these things normally come  from those who never even have the guts to take form six...SXXX you ! =P


Well, YES !!! God sent me the most precious gift i can ever ask for this year..Nicholas, my nephew! Oh..I'm so elated ! He's so big now and getting very naughty..haha..who cares..i love this little cow boy of labelle! Muacks!!!I love you nicky!!
my baby boy !

Haha..and i'm really glad that my sister found her personal "haven" ! I know my parents aren't really happy about her decision..but as long as she know what she's after and what she wants...we still love her.'s great and brilliant to know that she now receive more love than she used to..
Stay with her..!

And my mama..hope and pray that she will stay healthy..=D

I love my family !! Mummy, Daddy, Mama, Papa, Labelle, Maggie, Fene, Alex and Keene (i still prefer wai..OTL) 
May all of them live in the greatest happiness and joy the world brings them ! Opps, and my brother-in-law too...LOL...Hmm...i actually feel sorry that i didn't really spend much time at Mummy's place..>.< bad Mich.

I love you to the max, Nan ! Muahs..I've been saying this all the time but still, i feel grateful that i have her as my best friend. She's there no matter what happen and accept all my craziness like i'm the most perfect friend she can have on earth ! She's simply so brilliant that she never leave me to my own..My miracle twins! Thank you for sending her to me...! =')

LOL..and attending Form six gained a bunch of nice friends too ! My seniors are really awesome like crazy and brilliant like you never know what brilliant is (this is plainly my exaggeration !=P) But really. They helped me so much and willing enough to be there when i need them. Especially Kaiven and Mikha! LOL..where else to find seniors like brothers..hee...And yeah, MY juniors too!!! i have to list them all out? xD better do...some might jealous..xD Yeap...Deo and william from SPBT..and Joshua...idk from where..wahahahahahahha! They've been a great friend laa..! And i miss my school mate like crazy...! sigh.. is recent, but still..i want it to be a part of my 2010 life..CHURCH MATES!! Not much cause i just join..but still..hee...a very coincident meet up..(considered ba..)Sis Grace...! Hm..knowing her, i found that she's really a very very nice girl and she's so cute and sweet! I like her. Hahaa..Hope that she'll linger long enough with Fene and hopefully me too as friends come and go..=(  Church mates are so friendly ! I like hanging out with my sis there now..(service and worship laa..)

Is someone missing? 

Haha..yeap..and this funny friend of mine..Andy Yeap. LOL...i knew him through his blog and it's pretty cool like you never know what cool is (LAME, i know) to "crap" around with him..i hope he stays long enough too..tee hee...and in case you're reading...a big THANK YOU, Andy ! =)

of life and emotions..

This year..i give it a..A-
Well, A- because, nothing is perfect including life. There are emotional downhills now and then and unhappy things happens now and then as well. But at least, when i think back, a smile appeared on my face..haha. Sigh, it's 25 of December, a few more sleeps away, it'll be a brand new year and yet, another brand new chapter or rather, a brand new book to begin with.

I can say that, this year, i've lived up to my own expectations. Yes! MY expectations and not anyone else's nor imaginations. It's important you know? You live up to your own expectation, NOT imaginations! =) go figure.

Weee! will be going to a friend's house tonight to celebrate Christmas..! A long-time-no-see friend..OTL..haha! And tomorrow, it'll be Fene's BIG day! Can i say one of her turning point? =D And hopefully celebrating Sis Grace's birthday too ! =) really like her..xD So...till then..peeps! Have a great day and's your 2010? =)

Let's hear this angel sing..

Thanks for lending me your precious time to finish my crap..=) Have a nice day...!



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