Saturday, December 29, 2012

When we argue, fuss and fight - Goodbye 2012.

Hey peeps.

I'm one of those people who are lazy to update my song lists and very much prefer songs from the late 80's till  the beginning of the millenium. I'm no longer one of those girls who can name you the latest top 40s or have all the latest songs downloaded-not that I was. Unless the said song is covered by Glee and it caught my attention.

Don't ask me how I've gotten so detached from current, mainstream, top 40 musics. Maybe because I rarely listen to the radio any more, or maybe music back then was rawer without the touch ups from softwares. I do listen to new songs, often from awesome covers which means they get pretty outdated once I'm hooked to it.

Anyway, my preference seems to time travels a lot.

Les Miserable is because I watched the movie and it was awesome ! It was as good as a real stage play and half the time, it felt like it is more appropriate to burst into applauses ! And so, I'm currently addicted to the songs ! *sings: Do you hear the people sing*

And yay. Finally being able to have Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, I'll have a playlist to accompany me to study for my finals. This week was supposed to be study week. But what I did instead was slacking and reading just a chapter a day for only one subject. I'm so dead.

2012 is about to end if you notice. I have a feeling like, finally it's ending. Finally. With all the fuss going about this year, it's finally coming to an end. I had a feeling like this year has been a real blur to me. Particularly after I entered uni. Right now, this very moment I'm questioning myself: Did my sister got married beginning of this year ? Did the breaking up part of my pathetic short romance happened this year ? Did my bestie left this year ? My grandma passed away last year or the year before last ? When did we move in to this new house ? Especially made blur with this little human being being my second nephew ..

Lol. The bad side of having your sister passing so many milestones in just a year. All seems so far away. Especially when there's a newborn in your house. His growth make things seem further behind, solidifying history itself. Did I graduated form six this year or last year ? 

2012 was happening but also not that happening. I spent my STPM aftermath holidays working as a purchasing clerk. And it might not be my ideal job, but it was a job I loved. I mean, how often can you find a job that you are happy to go to every morning, even Sunday ? Maybe it was the authority my "seniority" granted me, or maybe it was the trust they placed upon me, or even because my colleagues were fun most of the time. The office was always full of laughter. Always. But it seems that things has gradually changed after I left.

And then, I got into University as I've fervently wished for. Through this four months of university life, it was about assignments, meetings and a lot of getting used to. If I were to be honest to even myself, I have yet to find my liking in Uni. Except, maybe I've grow to love my room mate, and yeah .. debate, though I'm just a beginner, barely even there. And then I spent time grieving over those time that has passed. Missing those good old times, and I've got to learn to work pass this.

I don't know if you've ever tried this app from in Facebook. Not to be particularly religious or anything .. but in times it gives you enlightening. Don't mind if it sometime repeats though, I've never gotten any repeats myself. But yeah, what I'm trying t say is that, if you need motivation or simply just some inspiring quotes, this app is fun to use. 

Because whenever 'Everything happens for a reason' doesn't work, I'll make use of this app. 

Whenever there's ending, there's also beginning. If there's only one thing I wish for for this coming 2013, it'll be .. happiness. Not trying to sound gloomy here or whatsoever. But yeah, perhaps you get what I mean ? Yes, in this coming year, I just want to be happy. As happy as I'm allowed to. I don't mind the upsets now and then, but I just want to be happy. Who knows happiness can procrastinate ? 

And I suppose it has taken its own sweet sweet time. Don't you think it's time I go fetch it ?

I just want to stop wondering what upsets me and how to get around it. Because I reckon I should just focus on wanting to be happy. Really happy.

I know and forgive the blogger for providing you this lousy wrap up of my 2012 not to mention not much photos, and it's still early I know .. But please just bear with me okay as I'm in the hype of blogging. This hype is rare nowadays and I'm aware of the danger of it. Haha !

Anyway, and advance ..

Happy New Year, everyone ! I wish you an awesome year ahead too.

Good night and sleep tight,


P/s : Why the title you ask ? 

Heard it first in one HK drama. Then came across this yesterday in a record shop.

I'm putting those behind me.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Big Bad Wolf left town

Ho ho ho ! Merry Christmas everyone.

Sorry for this long hiatus because Uni life is no joke. Not to mention Uni's line !

I guess the monstrous book sales has been a hot topic for quite some time. Everyone rushed to the wolf's den to spend till they drop. And yes, I was one of the everyone. I went there like 3 to 4 times I guess. Didn't make it on the last day though. But on the preview day itself, I already bought quite a number of books, mind you ! And the next day, where BBW is officially launched, I went there again with coursemates.

This is what welcomed us on the first day itself. If you've never been to the Big Bad Wolf book sales, don't be surprise that people actually bring luggages, big huge luggage and trolleys for a thorough book shopping spree !

The Big Bad Wolf book sale claimed the be the world's biggest book sale.

The wolf's Lamborghini !

It is a real car okay ! I think they added another blue car a few days after.

Different banners indicating different sections.

Notice how they used Harry Potter's font on Young Adult ?

And yes, guess this is one of the sales' highlights. Mission 63, where non-stop book shopping for the first 3 days, 63 hours non-stop. It's from 7 December to 23 December, they had this 63 hours mayhem every weekend after that !

Stacks and stacks of books ! Yes, STACKS of cheap books. Like Mitch Albom's For One More Day, HARDCOVER, large print edition. Malcom Gladwell's Blink and Outliers ! You can see these books in STACKS every where. Selling from 8-12 ringgit !

Fiction- my most hovered section !

Can you see the crowd ? It's just a small part of the hall !

My favourite section :D You get free stamps to stamp your purchases ! Awesome or what ? ;D

BBW merchandise. 

This monstrous book sales is recommendable to all book lovers. However, do not expect newly published books to be in this sales. At least not the oven-fresh books. If you're those readers who genuinely long for new books, then this sales might disappoint you a little, you'll still be able to find some gems here and remember to bring along your patience !

The wolf has finally left town, mission accomplish. But if you're one dedicated reader, this book sales is not one to be missed next year :D

Till then,


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Malware removed

Dear all,

I guess Google decided that they really did not like some new codes I've embedded in my blog after all and listed it as a suspicion blog- which means a Malware Detected warning popping out to stop my readers from accessing my blog. This happened before but this time it affected other bloggers who linked my blog to theirs as well which is really disturbing.

Kian Fai must have been the first person to discover this and warned me, but I was already no longer on the line so when I finally figured out what happen, it was a tad bit too late. But somehow, I think Google finally lifted the warning off my blog. Anyway, thanks, Kian Fai.

Just for the record, there's nothing harmful being distributed from my blog because the complication was brought forward by NuffnangX which I doubt there's anything harmful from this site.

So readers, I assure you that the next time some Malware warning pops out, please don't let it stop you from coming to me :'( My blog is totally safe and do follow me on NuffnangX.

Till then,


Friday, December 7, 2012

The Life of Pi with Big Bad Wolf

Greetings, CITIZENS !

Stamps !

And... YES ! Books !

The blogger has been to the Preview of the Big Bad Wolf Sales and people are crazy over it ! What are you still waiting for ? Go grab super cheap books ! Remember to bring your own trolley/luggage, NO JOKE ! 

And the blogger also watched Life of Pi. It's a MIND BOMB ! Seriously !

More details coming soon in next blogpost ! Good night, peeps.



Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Greetings, readers !

Have you ever heard of AIESEC ? It is an organisation fully run by youths across the globe ! Also a very famous platform for eXchange programs !

This is a video about AIESEC Malaysia, to know more about AIESEC, simply google it or just click here .
So yes, I assume you already know what is AIESEC -  the first part of my title, next it's MyLDS you're asking about ?  
*drum rolls*
Yes ! Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar. It is a 6 days 5 nights national conference where AIESECer from all over Malaysia will come together. What does it mean ? It means it's a chance for you to get a boyfriend/girlfriend to know more people that shares the same passion with you and also about the same age with you ! 
This time, MyLDS 2013 beholds the theme ..
It is about time you make an impact in your life and those lives around you ! This conference entitles you not only fun but also a life changing experience !       
Fret not if you're not an AIESEC member already, because it is open to non-AIESEC members too !
OR, if you've always been interested in joining AIESEC but is wary and doubtful about what AIESEC really is, this is your chance to take the very very first step into a world of empowered youth !

And if you're thinking of living your life to the fullest throughout your life as a college/university student, then this is also a chance for you to have a go at it !

It is the biggest national conference in Malaysia that act as a stepping stone to provide learning opportunities for leaders tomorrow ! So stop holding yourself back and step out of that bubble you've lived your life in and join this MyLDS camp which will be held at University Malaya because guess what ?! 
Registration is NOW open !

What you asked ? It's Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar 2013

Where you wonder ? It's at University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
When  is it ? It's 25th of January 2013 to 30th January 2013 

How ? Approach your nearest AIESECer and ask them about it ! 

Scan the QR code and register yourself or register HERE for non-AIESECer ! Register HERE for freshly recruited AIESEC-er ! Also, to know more about MyLDS, like their facebook page HERE !
So .. WHAT are you waiting for now ? 
Join* the BIGGEST national conference in Malaysia and ..
See you there,
*Register before 9th of December 2012

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Back to December

Greetings, Jingle Bells !

It's finally December. Last month of the year. So be frank, people, who's excited about the end of the world ? Just kidding. Guess it's pretty early for a recap of 2012. But still, it's the first day of the last month in 2012. What an irony, first day of the last month. December, I beg you to be friendly with me.

Take a deep breath, and say .. Goodbye, November. 

November has gone by just like that. Without much drama I'd say ? And in the blink of an eye, I'm sure 2013 will come barging in on us.

Anyway, after having to endure all those positive comments about how good the movie is, finally managed to squeeze some time out to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 with my room mate and course mates ! And all I can say is .. you'd never realize how important Carlisle Cullen is until you've watched this movie. The whole Twilight Saga movie, I bet you can only remember the first movie and vague memories about the 3 movies in the middle. This is entirely different from the past four movies. I'm impressed. *spoiler* I was so shocked when Carlisle was killed. 

My mind started racing and thoughts about how Carlisle can be resurrected flying around because I was so sure he will not die and cannot die. I'm impressed by how they portray Alice's vision. Oh yeah, Jasper Hale got beheaded too ! Yesss ! I've got to admit, this must be the best film in Twilight Saga.

Came across this stainless steel rings which are really thin and comfortable on our fingers ! :D And it's cheap. So my room mate and I decided to buy it. It looks like the one on top is bigger right ? It's actually the same size ! Best part is, I posted this photo on my facebook with the caption - I'm ENGAGED :') and everyone congratulated me ! Haha !

Small little stainless steel ring gently wrapping around my little finger. Fitting perfectly. :) It's very hard to find rings like this. Heh ! I just love wearing rings. So where is that guy that's suppose to put on my engagement and wedding ring right now ? Lol.

Okay, that's about it. A rambling post much ? Better than nothing, I'd say. Omaigod. Seriously can't wait for next Thursday to come :D It's a sad thing that my 'half boy-friend' can't come ! Been seeing her rarely nowadays, sort of miss those days when we hang out after school !

Signing off,


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Preview Pass !


Yesss, yesss, yesss ! I know this blog is as good as dead because there's no frequent update and even there is, it's boring. Sorry people ! Been busy with assignments and tests and meetings ! HOWEVER ! Through ALL these busy, hectic and annoying stuff I'm going through, there's no way I'll be missing any great sales. Well, I mean book sales.

And god forbids, this busy woman *points self* has won herself PREVIEW PASS to the BIG BAD WOLF book sales !!

Saw that?! Saw that ?! I correctly guessed the price for three books and was the first one with correct answer ! *proud* I know Michelle is a common name, but I assure you I AM the winner. Bwaha.

I already collected my pass :D Though had to went all the way to Amcorp Mall, but it was sort of worth it I guess. Come on, peeps ! It's a preview pass that admits TWO ! It'll be lesser people and I can do whatever I want there more comfortably, I guess. 

Speaking of getting to Amcorp Mall, I've honestly never been to Amcorp Mall for my entire life, just passed by it. But my friends told me there's this book store that sells freaking cheap books. But never bother to go anyway. So, I was quite hesitant at first to go collect my pass. But after my friend explained it ..

Lol, so yeah ! After her detailed explanation. I guess it was a easy journey, something like travelling to Sungei Wang with friends from Kajang when I was a kid. By the way, rabbit means RapidKL .. :D Don't mind the vulgar. I'm usually very polite .. just that .. ehem. So yeah ! In the end, I managed to get there :D And also bought myself a copy of Tess of The D'urbervilles because it's the first time I step into BookXcess ;)

Taadaa ! Can't wait for 6th of December to come because I had to resist myself from buying any other books just now ! Gah. Oh, by the way, if you don't know what Big Bad Wolf is still, click here to find out more. But I think they stop giving out passes :P 

It's a book sale book lovers should never miss ! See you there !

Happy book hunting ;)

Mich >D

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ouh, it hurts- a D3200

Hi !

Considering I've always wanted one, so dream achieved !

#new toy camera

Yes! I've finally gotten myself a DSLR, and oh boy, it hurts! Lol. How can it be a toy when it eats up most of your savings? ._. Lol. Initially, I've already decided to buy the D5100. I thought I'd like that one better. But I ended up with this brand new model, D3200 ! Irony of life. 

However, this is the first DSLR in my life ! Damn, I hope it's my last too, wtf. *googles DSLR for dummies* And though I did thought of it but I never expect that I'll buy it today itself. Just the night before, I had a dream where I was holding a new D5100 I just bought and I don't know what to do with it ! -_-||| 

Wanted to do some unboxing sort of blog post, but the guy at the shop already unboxed everything for me, so there's no point for me to put everything back together and then take it out again right ? And there's only one photo because, well BECAUSE I forgot to bring my digital camera's cable back from hostel ! 

Oh yeah, by the by, I'm beginning my one week long mid-sem break :D How does it sound to you ? Heh.



Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Once upon a time.

Hi !

I'm wondering if you still remember what you were doing exactly a year ago.

SPM and STPM just started. But as far as my memory serves me, I remember STPM did not begin so early back then. It was just a year ago and it seems so far to me now. It has been a busy weekend for me since last Friday. It has indeed been a very busy period of time for me. As usual, never ending assignments and tests. We'll talk about that some post later. Not now.

I was chatting with my friend, and she brought up his birthday. Without realizing, it has been a year already. I'm not sure a year for what, but yeah, it's a year already since so much has happened I suppose.

One should always be the memory keeper, not being kept by memories. However, I'm always a prisoner of memories. They said don't live in your memories, funny that we're living to create memories. Ironic ? It seems fun to me when you can predict how a person will react, and you know exactly what to say or do to provoke them. I'm not trying to annoy anyone, perhaps, it's the egoistic self that craves to proof that you know someone well.

The thing is, I don't know myself well enough to say or acknowledge that I know another person well. It's too subjective to whether you know a person well or not. I've always know how stubborn I am. But I always manage to surprise myself that my stubbornness is always reaching an all new level again .. and again. Because I dwell on things. And also because things that I dwell on are not just things that I should let go, but also things that I don't have the rights to dwell on. But I just do. And .. part of me doubt that it's about self control.

If I were to write myself a letter, I'd tell myself; Give yourself a break.

And this is what I'll do. Breaking away from all those haunting memories, breaking away from the cuffs of memories. If I'm to help anyone, I, myself is the first person in need of help. I need to pick up the remaining pieces of myself. Shattered not by anyone or anything, but myself. Because honestly, if you ask me. I'm really amazing. Amazing that I'm highly capable of discolouring my own life.

So, don't blame me on what happened. I was a broken piece of parcel forced into your hands. All I did was replacing that parcel with time, pain was necessary. I don't care you're doing well or not, because you have all the time you need to be that person you should without a burden of putting back the broken parcel together.



p/s: Happy birthday, a few days in advance.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I am Number Three

Hi !

Well, no, much to your disappointment, it's not a movie review, mind you. But why the title ? That's a long story. (By the way, I think Number 3 died in Malaysia) Not really long, so here goes the story;

One day, I decided that I might as well go out with my room mate on a Sunday since I'm not running back home. So when she came back one day, I don't remember when, I asked her if she wanted to go watch a movie and she excitedly said yes. She brought up that our college senior actually asked if she wanted to go watch movie with him, so in the end, all three of us went to Mid Valley to watch House At The End of The Street, #HATES ! It's been ages since I've been to Mid Valley ever since I entered university. Well, give a month or so. Lets cut to the chase, we went to MPH since we still had some time after having lunch. And god forbids, the new arrival rack instantly took my life away !

Yes ! Top of the list, The Time Keeper, Mitch Albom. I knew at once when this book was released, but I told myself, it's okay, we'll wait till the paperback is out. And ever since it was released, I've never stepped into any book stores so it didn't really bother me much. But when I saw this physically in MPH, I started to debate with myself. I was like, hmm, there have to be at least one luxurious-oven-hot-just-released-book once in your lifetime right ? So I was holding this book, wandering around with my room mate, still debating whether should I buy it. Then, comes another tragedy ..

J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy. Omaigod. I mean, it's been years ever since she had any new book ! And it's huge and cheaper than The Time Keeper and she kept me waiting longer than Albom did. So I grabbed it along as well and continued wandering, mumbling if I should buy them, wtf. Like I'm rich or something, gahh ! But finally, I decided we shouldn't waste our time wandering around a book store full of books when non of us have any solid intention to buy any books at all. I put those two books down, yes, asshole I am, and collected our senior from the magazine section and was about to leave ..

Damn it, The Twelve, Justin Cronin. The previous two books, I knew it was released because I kept tab with both authors. But this, I had no idea for some particular reason. I was like, doomsday ! Why aren't we freshmans granted with the book vouchers ? This book can still wait, but the previous two books are driving me insane !! Gah ..

SO .. yeah, you've just wasted few minutes to read about my ranting on new releases. But hello, it's been ages since there are books that I really wanted can ?

Paperbacks, I'm waiting for you !!

Book hunter,


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

my missing half

Lately, I came across this blog post by a very consistent blogger, Shuwen. She shared  her thoughts on what's a friend. You guys should read it ! :) So, might as well expect that this post is something related to the very same issue.
Readers of my blog would be familiar with her, my ultimate bestie of the century. Yes, her. That very same girl who at first impression I thought was quite, well, nerdy. And that very same woman who stuck around with me despite my awfulness, bitchiness-I don't even know if that's a world, but screw it and selfishness. If I have to name one person apart from my family that puts up with all my shits, who else would it be if it's not her ?
I don't want to repeat all over again how grateful am I to have her in my life, when I already did in my old post I guess. Lol, it's just that now that she's a few thousand miles away, it makes me realize that how much I miss her and how I've taken her for granted ever since the second we laid eyes on each other, wtf. But yeah, you get what I'm trying to say. 

And given that a small drama came up before she left, so yeah .. 

Hey woman,

I'm sorry you had to, and hopefully will have to, put up with everything that I've put you through and still be there for me. Guess you love sticking your nose at where you shouldn't ! Hah ! You don't get much compliment from me, so might as well print this and frame it up. They said, well the horoscopes said that Capricorn and Leo don't get along. But if you ask me, I'm a tad bit too old for those crap. And the fact is, we're still as awesome as how we used to be right ? 

Things I've always knew and always proud of but never told you are, man, you're beautiful ! :) Inside out. And that you're not fat. Yes, I've been teasing you all these time, all these years ! But no, you're not because you're just you. And I'm sorry it actually hits you badly. You're simply awesome. Really, you're simply very decent. You can be reckless, you can be tubelight, you can be the Nandini who sings super well but whoever and no matter how good you can be at something, you're always you at the end of the day. You don't brag. Maybe that's because you always have the mindset that you're not good enough because there are millions of people out there that is better than you. Above all, you don't look down on anyone. :) It's simply amazing that you're in my life. I'll never want you to leave my life .. haha ! 

And you're like so freaking far away now, the only way to stay connected is through social sites and blahs, blahs ! You think things will remain the same ? Yeah, next year can't come any sooner ! 

Take care of yourself, and never forget yourself or I'll disown you ! Hahaha.

Love you too much :P


p/s : Our friendship is a beautifully matured child that takes good care of itself. :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

new born, new life

Hi !

It's awfully long since I've last blogged. I know right, what an epic failure of a blogger I am ! It's like I'm retreating far away from this blogosphere before even stepping into it. But this time around, I'm not entirely governed by my lazy genes. It's the hectic life I'm currently leading now and the sucky line my hostel provides. Well, the latter doesn't count I suppose given that I could have went to the library if I really wanted to blog so badly. Thing is, I don't have much time. I don't suppose you want to read on about me ranting and rambling about how many assignments I have to get done before the deadline is here right ?

Baby Aayden is growing so fast. Notice his chubbiness ? Just look at his small tiny hands ! It's so awesomely cute .. And I just realize, there's some changes sprouting in my life. Well, first is this chubby baby boy arriving in our family, then it's my entirely new life as a university student. And, well, my besties being away from me. They said university is where you make new friends that last for the rest of your life. I don't know if it applies to me too. I miss my friends. Coming here makes me miss them and my family too.

I look forward to going back home despite it's just 30 minutes drive or less away. It's not because I'm a spoiled brat. I don't expect anyone to understand me. I spent most of my time now in university. I don't want to feel like an outcast again among my family. Spending most of my time away makes me so .. outdated about what's happening back home. Because you're away, you're not aware of what's happening at home. Even the tiny little insignificant details that I missed, will miss or might miss makes me feel so .. detached from home. It's part of the insecurity ? Thank god it's UPM I got into. I'd die of depression if I get any further I guess. Such a child ain't I ?

Life begins at the end of our comfort zone. I guess I'm pretty much still in my comfort zone. Just half a step out of it. But this whole university thing, it turns your perspective around. You no longer have teachers babysitting you. I'm still trying to get used to all this craps. And just like any other newbies in university, 24 hours a day is simply just not enough.

By the way, I think I'll have to pick up this blogging thing again as soon as possible. I want to get into Nuffnang after I graduated ! Haha, which mean, I have to run an awesome blog.

Need to get going. Till then.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

it's fun because we are young


So it's been a couple of years days since I posted something. Please pardon your lazy and extremely busy blogger. No, seriously, I AM busy.

So uni life has officially started right after that one week of orientation. Truth be told, I still haven't figure out the fun part of uni life. Maybe it's because my time table is shitty, or maybe it's because the first assignment I have to deal with is pretty shitty too.

Don't get me wrong, living in an entirely new environment and meeting new friends is totally fun, like totally. But I guess I still haven't fully and completely adapt my self to this new life, I really miss home, despite it's just 30 minutes drive away, wtf.

#orientation week

New friends, part of them. And I'm honourably glad that I'm assigned to a room mate .. Because some of my coursemates have got no room mate or room mate happens to be an unrelated senior. And guess what ..

#room mate
My room mate was born on the exact same date with me ! Lol, awesome yet creepy. One word : Faith.

Anyway, I was browsing through facebook via my phone and came across this article that says that the girl who underwent the heart changing surgery five years ago passed away.

It happened 5 years ago and the news that she survived the surgery was spread nationwide. The article claimed that she complained to her father that she feel sick earlier this morning at 8 a.m. Her father immediately sent her to hospital but she still passed away. She lived for 19 years. 

I guess it hits close home. I was shocked one minute and the next, I was in tears. It is impossible to ignore the fact that miracle happened to her, but it did not last. Who knows .. I might probably face the same faith too. 

If this is a wake up call, then it's telling me to cherish whatever I'm having because .. you never know when the miracle that happened to you is decided to be taken away. But she is one brave girl. May her soul rest in peace.

This must be a super shitty week. 

Till then


Sunday, September 9, 2012

one step at a time

I must say, what a week. 

I've finally registered for my university, settled in and went through that one week of orientation. No, let me correct that, one week of MADNESS.

I've always knew university orientation is crazy, but I didn't know it'd be mad. It's not that awful, at least no humiliating pranks. 

This is where I'll be living for a year, or maybe even more. Well, maybe.

Orientation was madness for me because those facilitators in charge won't let us off till at least past one in the morning and we have to gather up at 5.30 in the morning. For your information, letting us off at one is by far the earliest. For the first couple of days, it's 2.30 or maybe 2.45. We were not given enough time to bath during the day and everything was a rush. The first morning, my room mate and I woke up at 4.15 just to bath in icy cold water. It's almost impossible to stay clean throughout the orientation because we wore the same shirt for a couple of times.

Apart from that, everything was considerably fun. It happens that it's a tradition for newbies of each college in the campus to do cheers in the grand hall during this week. It's the only time when you can make so much noise in the grand hall. UPM has got a total of 17 colleges and you can imagine what an uproar when 17 colleges tackling each other with noisy cheers. It was really awesome in the grand hall when all the college residents unite and cheer loudly in unison. Sadly, my college was too passive. We didn't manage to perform how our seniors expected us to perform.

There was this small seminar held in my college's hall by the counselling staffs in UPM. The counsellor gave us a small piece of paper and told us to write a speech on each side of the paper. One speech to self and one speech to your love ones. Then she asked people who volunteered to read it out loud. And that was when I realized, how lucky I really am. There's a story behind everyone. And I'm glad my story is filled with joy and also tears balancing with each other, or maybe struggling to maintain a balance. I've a better way of living than so many other people out there. It made me self conscious.

  My favourite part of this orientation must be the Bukit Expo in the university. Facilitators lead us there to jog in the morning and I was stunned by it's view. It was cool and misty early in the morning and very green. I'm so glad it's only walking distance from my college. When everyone was jogging, I was walking slowly. I wanted to join them, to be the part of their rhythmic footsteps and feel my muscles pull and flexes. I'd like to feel the wind on my face. But I had to surrender to myself.

It occurs to me that this 3 and a half year time might as well be the last time to enjoy and UPM has so much to offer. I've always been carefree about my studies. Just slightly, very slightly above the average level then it's okay for me alreadt. But then here I am, in UPM. And I finally get to do what I like. I start to crave for more. All these while, I never gave much thought because, i doubt I'm highly result oriented kind of person mainly because my parents don't really mind. They don't push me hard. And also because I doubt I can do it. I've never been the smart kid in school nor the hardworking kid.

But now, I'm aiming to achieve my goal. No one told me I can't. I've always been the one who think that I can't. I still do doubt myself. But with determination and motivated, I'm driven to tell myself to go and work for it. You won't be 101% that you will achieve what you want, but you can always try 201 times.

Creating victory. All I got to do is just learn how to stick to this determination.

I've never really slept much this week. So, I'll go sleep now !

When I have the chance I'll definitely shoot some photo of the awesome park in my uni :)

Till then.



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