Saturday, December 1, 2012

Back to December

Greetings, Jingle Bells !

It's finally December. Last month of the year. So be frank, people, who's excited about the end of the world ? Just kidding. Guess it's pretty early for a recap of 2012. But still, it's the first day of the last month in 2012. What an irony, first day of the last month. December, I beg you to be friendly with me.

Take a deep breath, and say .. Goodbye, November. 

November has gone by just like that. Without much drama I'd say ? And in the blink of an eye, I'm sure 2013 will come barging in on us.

Anyway, after having to endure all those positive comments about how good the movie is, finally managed to squeeze some time out to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 with my room mate and course mates ! And all I can say is .. you'd never realize how important Carlisle Cullen is until you've watched this movie. The whole Twilight Saga movie, I bet you can only remember the first movie and vague memories about the 3 movies in the middle. This is entirely different from the past four movies. I'm impressed. *spoiler* I was so shocked when Carlisle was killed. 

My mind started racing and thoughts about how Carlisle can be resurrected flying around because I was so sure he will not die and cannot die. I'm impressed by how they portray Alice's vision. Oh yeah, Jasper Hale got beheaded too ! Yesss ! I've got to admit, this must be the best film in Twilight Saga.

Came across this stainless steel rings which are really thin and comfortable on our fingers ! :D And it's cheap. So my room mate and I decided to buy it. It looks like the one on top is bigger right ? It's actually the same size ! Best part is, I posted this photo on my facebook with the caption - I'm ENGAGED :') and everyone congratulated me ! Haha !

Small little stainless steel ring gently wrapping around my little finger. Fitting perfectly. :) It's very hard to find rings like this. Heh ! I just love wearing rings. So where is that guy that's suppose to put on my engagement and wedding ring right now ? Lol.

Okay, that's about it. A rambling post much ? Better than nothing, I'd say. Omaigod. Seriously can't wait for next Thursday to come :D It's a sad thing that my 'half boy-friend' can't come ! Been seeing her rarely nowadays, sort of miss those days when we hang out after school !

Signing off,


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