Saturday, December 29, 2012

When we argue, fuss and fight - Goodbye 2012.

Hey peeps.

I'm one of those people who are lazy to update my song lists and very much prefer songs from the late 80's till  the beginning of the millenium. I'm no longer one of those girls who can name you the latest top 40s or have all the latest songs downloaded-not that I was. Unless the said song is covered by Glee and it caught my attention.

Don't ask me how I've gotten so detached from current, mainstream, top 40 musics. Maybe because I rarely listen to the radio any more, or maybe music back then was rawer without the touch ups from softwares. I do listen to new songs, often from awesome covers which means they get pretty outdated once I'm hooked to it.

Anyway, my preference seems to time travels a lot.

Les Miserable is because I watched the movie and it was awesome ! It was as good as a real stage play and half the time, it felt like it is more appropriate to burst into applauses ! And so, I'm currently addicted to the songs ! *sings: Do you hear the people sing*

And yay. Finally being able to have Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, I'll have a playlist to accompany me to study for my finals. This week was supposed to be study week. But what I did instead was slacking and reading just a chapter a day for only one subject. I'm so dead.

2012 is about to end if you notice. I have a feeling like, finally it's ending. Finally. With all the fuss going about this year, it's finally coming to an end. I had a feeling like this year has been a real blur to me. Particularly after I entered uni. Right now, this very moment I'm questioning myself: Did my sister got married beginning of this year ? Did the breaking up part of my pathetic short romance happened this year ? Did my bestie left this year ? My grandma passed away last year or the year before last ? When did we move in to this new house ? Especially made blur with this little human being being my second nephew ..

Lol. The bad side of having your sister passing so many milestones in just a year. All seems so far away. Especially when there's a newborn in your house. His growth make things seem further behind, solidifying history itself. Did I graduated form six this year or last year ? 

2012 was happening but also not that happening. I spent my STPM aftermath holidays working as a purchasing clerk. And it might not be my ideal job, but it was a job I loved. I mean, how often can you find a job that you are happy to go to every morning, even Sunday ? Maybe it was the authority my "seniority" granted me, or maybe it was the trust they placed upon me, or even because my colleagues were fun most of the time. The office was always full of laughter. Always. But it seems that things has gradually changed after I left.

And then, I got into University as I've fervently wished for. Through this four months of university life, it was about assignments, meetings and a lot of getting used to. If I were to be honest to even myself, I have yet to find my liking in Uni. Except, maybe I've grow to love my room mate, and yeah .. debate, though I'm just a beginner, barely even there. And then I spent time grieving over those time that has passed. Missing those good old times, and I've got to learn to work pass this.

I don't know if you've ever tried this app from in Facebook. Not to be particularly religious or anything .. but in times it gives you enlightening. Don't mind if it sometime repeats though, I've never gotten any repeats myself. But yeah, what I'm trying t say is that, if you need motivation or simply just some inspiring quotes, this app is fun to use. 

Because whenever 'Everything happens for a reason' doesn't work, I'll make use of this app. 

Whenever there's ending, there's also beginning. If there's only one thing I wish for for this coming 2013, it'll be .. happiness. Not trying to sound gloomy here or whatsoever. But yeah, perhaps you get what I mean ? Yes, in this coming year, I just want to be happy. As happy as I'm allowed to. I don't mind the upsets now and then, but I just want to be happy. Who knows happiness can procrastinate ? 

And I suppose it has taken its own sweet sweet time. Don't you think it's time I go fetch it ?

I just want to stop wondering what upsets me and how to get around it. Because I reckon I should just focus on wanting to be happy. Really happy.

I know and forgive the blogger for providing you this lousy wrap up of my 2012 not to mention not much photos, and it's still early I know .. But please just bear with me okay as I'm in the hype of blogging. This hype is rare nowadays and I'm aware of the danger of it. Haha !

Anyway, and advance ..

Happy New Year, everyone ! I wish you an awesome year ahead too.

Good night and sleep tight,


P/s : Why the title you ask ? 

Heard it first in one HK drama. Then came across this yesterday in a record shop.

I'm putting those behind me.

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  1. speaking about new year, I'm getting so so old!!!


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