Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Live.Laugh.Love - Hello 2013 !

Happy New Year, residents of the world !

Say hello to 2013. A whole new year in a whole new world. Hug yourselves as all of you survived 2012, no more end of the world craps.

Not kick starting this year in any special ways but instead, got stuck in hostel room and should be studying but is blogging instead. However, I believe things will get better gradually.

Just want to mark the first day of this brand new year with my resolutions ..

#2013Resolutions :

Live. Laugh. Love. - Be Happy !

Yes, just simple as that. I want to live my life, laugh my life and love my life. I don't want to let those small things bother me and get most of my attention. I just want to be happy, simply happy living my life, being me! The anchor of my past, let the 2012 apocalypse have it.

And .. well .. 

Save Money.

It is bad enough that I no longer earn an income and to top that off, I've been spending quite a lot of money this last year. So yes, though it might be hard, but I do believe everything is possible, wtf. I need to start saving money, not for anything but for the sake that I've spent so much already.

It's after all a brand NEW YEAR !

Happy New Year !
Much love, much gracias,



  1. I used to resolve every year to save money and that never seem to happen so yeah I quit resolving for that FML HAHAHA Happy New Year anyways :D

  2. Yes save money!
    That's one of my 2013 goal too.

    Girls are girls.:)
    Happy 2013.


  3. Good luck with saving money! :P
    just a tip, i set a goal for myself, say i'm going to hit the target of saving a total of 7k in 2013. that's a lot more realistic than just telling yourself to "save money" :)

    {the Picablocks}


You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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