Friday, June 10, 2011

Ricoh KR-5 Super

So i guess some sort of pity must have surged in my mother since i'm constantly, ravenously, hungrily, insanely, unreasonably, irrevocably etc, etc. craving for a dslr and still has got a long way to go (self-funding) before i can reach my goal, she told me that she has this camera that works with film. I reckon it's those lame, old school useless film working camera but she insisted that i check it out. I was quite awed to see that it's actually a Ricoh 35mm film slr ...

It's still working but the only problem is, it's a bit dusty inside the viewfinder and the lens need some cleaning which i gleefully did. The lens cap is a bit faulty but else this antique is working perfectly ! :D This little thing is kinda impressive because it's fully made in Japan. You don't get much stuff that's fully made in Japan nowadays alright. :P

Anyways, i've just loaded a roll of new film into it yesterday and hitherto the count hits 16 photos taken. LOL. Obviously, i don't know about the effect and quality because.. you need to develop the films(like d-uhhh) ! I was kind of in a hype shooting away with the antique when my mom told me about the developing thing .. it's not that pricey but for someone -who is saving like a mad woman- like me, every penny counts. OTL Nevertheless, i'm still looking forward to what i'll get, hopefully not a stack of dark blurry photos ! I'm still currently hoping that a stack of 50 ringgit bill will drop on my laps.. ftw >< 

MONEYYYYYY !!!!!!!! $__$

Anyways, the above photo shows a 50 ringgit bill ! If you look closely, you'll see the serial number it's all 2 ! When my mom showed it to me, i was like, why two though ? I was hoping it's something like 88888888 or 66666666..*head-desk*

Time flies, mid-term holiday is about to end and as usual my study plan failed ! Sigh. Right, that's all from me.. =)




  1. Cool cam you got there! :O
    Soon, you'll be surprised by the results of that film SLR. I have a DSLR and a film rangefinder but yet, I crave for a film SLR.
    I have found some ppl selling film slrs, but those who got themselves a nikkormat that I wanted just won't sell em. Sigh.

    Anyways, all the best with your film roll! My yashica is a bit faulty. At times, out of 36exp, only 20++ make it. But that's mine la. Hope your ricoh is doing fine.

  2. Hi, do you interested with polaroids?
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    Hope to hear from you soon :)


You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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