Wednesday, June 29, 2011

i want to embrace this world as tight as possible.

In case you don't know, well, i just found out that I'm a sensitive girl. I don't know, but i'm a bit touchy recently.

This world is weird. People are busy empowering women in one place in order to stop human-trafficking and women abusing, some where else, young teenage girls are selling their bodies just to earn a few hundred bucks more of pocket money. Yes, just a few hundred bucks more. I mean, there are so many other kind of part time jobs, why betray yourselves ? Don't you think it's really stupid ? Not only are you humiliating yourselves but also encouraging sex transactions putting the whole world's effort in vain.

And like it's a trend. Youngsters are committing suicide, jumping off buildings. I wonder, if you have the guts to take that leap, why not face the problem and move on with your life. Committing suicide is an unforgivable sin. You're given a precious life, a chance to live that so many people crave after but yet, you gave up so easily. Summing your action into one simple word, coward. What else if not a coward ? What can be your worst fear when you're not afraid of death itself ? In case you're saying I will never understand why they do what they did because I've never been in their shoes, of course i've never been in their shoes, aren't i here typing this post out ? I'm not stupid enough to end my life so easily.

Depress. What's the big deal ? Everyone experienced depression before, even saints do(obviously saints don't commit suicide, else, why would they be saints ? Now, don't so no life go and find saints that killed themselves just to prove me wrong !). And speaking of no life-ness. Nowadays, you can hardly share your thoughts without causing a major uproar(I'm not hinting any recent arguments, just my personal experience with my friends). Sometimes, it's fun. Sometimes, it's annoying. You see, i was just merely sharing thoughts and people have to come and start opposing what i've posted. Hullo, it's my personal point of view. (In this case, im really just expressing my thoughts, my friends are still welcome to spam my status or tweets or whatsoever :p)

Like i said, i'm a very sensitive girl. Any minor or major thing that happens is enough to take my emotional health down the slope. But i deal with it alright. And when certain extreme thing happens, for instance, the suicide case at SMK Yu Hua made me feel a bit depress. And again, it throws at me the fact that how very fragile our life can be. Even if I'm not related to the deceased, maybe it's the fact that it happens so near me.

And so, I want to explain one very simple thing. I'm sad about what's happening in this very modern world. And i realize how time flies by and we're running out of time one way or the other. So occasionally, even it may seem fake to you, but i still want to express my feelings, my gratitudes and my thoughts to people that i care. I'm not good in that face-to-face, so when facebook gives me the chance, i want to let them know that, having them in my life is so important and I love them all ! I can't do this, i mean i can't say it out, i'll blush and i'll get awkward then i'll get pissed. But.. I'm definitely not flirting. Girls are not like guys, at least I'm not. I don't flirt with guys, only those that i'm 100% sure they'll not misunderstand(translate: those who don't see me as a female..LOL). I just don't flirt. Because, you never know when you're flirting someone, you're actually hurting them intentionally or not. I've had that feeling once. It was bad, devastating(exaggerating) and i don't want to be the one to cause that kind of pain even im the pain in the ass sometimes.

I want to give this world a tight embrace. Saying I love you to my love ones is simply not enough. Because the warmth i want to share through this simple thing can only reach a very limited amount of people as most of them don't take me seriously. I want all my readers to know, no matter what happens, in the end, love wins. Love always wins ! And i really, sincerely love the world. :)



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