Sunday, August 12, 2012

Life's a miracle

I've been slacking a lot lately. I didn't even blog about my birthday ! Haha ! And I should have blog about a restaurant, that too I left it aside. So yeah, I've been quite busy and lazy at the same time. Pardon me please. 

But readers, this is what makes me want to blog so much that I'm currently ignoring my fatigue soul that is currently urging me to just go to bed ..

My sister has just delivered her baby this morning !!

YESSS. If you remember a blog post about my sister getting married, this is the sequel to it. We've waited for his arrival so long and he finally picked today to come out of his mom's womb !

12 August 2012

Thank god that the labour did not took long like my elder sister's did when she was delivering Nicholas. The whole process seemed okay, not much pain to be endured. And she went through it bravely. So proud of her !

And the baby has got big eyes like my sister's ! Just so adorable.

It's such a miracle that just yesterday, he was still inside my sister's womb kicking, and today .. he's out. A tiny little being, not even 24 hours old. With a small fluttering heart beating inside him. How can life not be a miracle ? It must have felt like a magical journey. And I envy her. Not only my sister, but those who are brave enough to bear our next generation, enduring the pain. Well, exceptions; teen, immature pregnancy.

These little lives, they need to arrive in a secured family. A promising childhood and growing environment. Definitely not some irresponsible teenagers getting knock up. 

I highly doubt that I'll have the chance to go through this magical journey my sisters had went through. But today, I'm grateful that everything went smoothly. 

Boi boi ! You're such a gift to us ! :)

Fene, so proud of you ! =) You ought to know that you're awesome.

Becoming an aunt again,


Friday, August 3, 2012

Book Review : Fifty Shades of Grey

Yes. There, I'm announcing to the world that I've read porn, wtf. Let me explain myself later, don't jump into conclusion that I'm a girl that grows horn on my head.

I'll skip my rambles and straight to the review. Laters, baby.

The Author.

The glorious author, Erika Leonard or better known as E.L. James. A British writer that used to write fan fictions under the name; Snowqueens Icedragon. Thus, there's honestly not much to talk about the writer.

The Story.

The story revolves around the internal conflicts of Anastasia Steele, literature student, about her unusual relationship with Christian Grey, CEO of Grey Enterprise which he himself fully owns it. 

It all begins with Ana's best friend, Katherine Kavanagh convinced Ana to interview Christian Grey(who happened to be a benefactor of their school)for their school's magazine since Katherine was sick. As she stumbles into Mr Grey's office, she immediately intrigued Christian Grey while she herself finds that the intimidating and mysterious yet polite and calm Christian Grey irrevocably attractive. 

Upon asking awkward and pointed questions through the interview, Anastasia felt relief that she will never have to see this cold and seductive man again. However, Christian Grey unexpectedly showed up at a DIY shop where Anastasia worked as a part-timer. 

Although she tries to deny that she has feelings for this strange, distant yet very seemingly attractive guy, the way she reacts about him is so obvious that she has a thing for this stranger.

Not long after she crosses his path, she finally discovers that Christian Grey is not just attractive but dangerously demanding in his own dark way. He brought her to his house in Seattle and showed her his playroom which is she later on acknowledges as the Red Room of Pain/Pleasure. Christian Grey finally confides in his dark secret. 

It dawns upon Anastasia that a relationship with Christian Grey is not about hearts and flowers but something   entirely different from what she expected for her first fling. In order to be with this angelic demon, she, as the Submissive needs to obey all Christian Grey's orders as the Dominant or will face severe punishment that Christian claims will bring her more pleasure instead of just pain. 

Story goes on with Anastasia debating whether she can accept what Christian's idea of pleasure and also if Christian Grey is capable of giving her more than just a Dominant/Submissive relationship. 

Words of my own.

Reading this novel, there are unmistakably several points that resembles Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Undoubtedly, even E.L. James herself admitted that Fifty Shades of Grey is a novel developed from her fan fiction of Twilight named Master of the Universe. The story settles mostly in the Seattle at Christian Grey's modernized house.

Truth be told, I did not buy this book. All I can say is that the world of internet is such a gift to mankind. 

Back to the book. Something I find annoying about this book is how the narrator (this book is written from the first person of view-Anastasia Steele) is always amazed by the beauty of Christian Grey-proof that this is really a fan fic of Twilight. The way the author imitates Stephanie Meyer's way of writing and choice of words is very profound. Such as the way the heroin describes the way the hero smiles. Every page of Fifty Shades reminds me of Twilight.

Apart from similarity with Twilight, the story is quite dull as .. obviously, it practically revolves around sex. Except from the beginning, every time Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele is being put together, they are gonna have sex, no doubt. Speaking of which, the sex scenes in this book are boring. Lets put it this way; the first time a joke is told, it'll make you laugh non stop.  The same joke being told the second time, okay .. it's still funny .. slightly bored. But if it's being told over and over again .. it is meaningless, dull, repetitive and above all .. don't you have any better stuff to put in ? One word summarizes all - predictable.

The author also focus too much on her hero and heroin. It's way too much. I understand this is a nature of a book written from the first person's point of view. The readers only see what the narrator sees and know what the narrator knows. But there are several other characters as well but it's all too brief. Just touch and go. 

However, something good is that despite the author focuses her attentions on sex scenes more than anything else, she still manage to instil some romantic features every now and then. Romantic in my point of views. Such as the part where Christian Grey burst into Anastasia's room while she was crying. And also showing up surprisingly in front of Anastasia when she was on a trip visiting her mom to spend time away from him. Just a little bit of romance every now and then.

I don't want to rate this book. All I can say is that I'm impressed that it has sold so many millions of copies. It's basically a porn version of Twilight, without the involvements of sparkling vampires and sexy werewolves. Ironically, the hero still manage to smile crooked smiles and be dangerous yet beautiful to not only the heroin but also .. incidentally a restaurant waitress. 

Note to parents, don't buy it for your child. It's not just a chic-lit. Like how everyone else on the internet is saying, it's a book for mamas !

- - - -

Like I said, allow me to explain. I've always wanted to blog something yet, I just don't feel like blogging about my life. Not in the mood. And I happened to just technically finish this book so .. I found something to blog about. I debated whether should I really publicly do a review about this book. It's like-like I've mentioned earlier-telling to everyone that reads my blog that I've just recently finish reading a porn book and now I wanna criticize how not arousing it is. But then again, I'm like, screw that shit. It's my blog. 

One thing I'm sure, I'm definitely not gonna read the sequel. Bet I'll narrow my eyes if I see anyone reading or buy this book. Mean and bitchy much ? No, we aimed to please ;)

Have a sweet dream,

Mich, without the 'ie'

p/s: Another post will be up soon. 
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