Sunday, August 12, 2012

Life's a miracle

I've been slacking a lot lately. I didn't even blog about my birthday ! Haha ! And I should have blog about a restaurant, that too I left it aside. So yeah, I've been quite busy and lazy at the same time. Pardon me please. 

But readers, this is what makes me want to blog so much that I'm currently ignoring my fatigue soul that is currently urging me to just go to bed ..

My sister has just delivered her baby this morning !!

YESSS. If you remember a blog post about my sister getting married, this is the sequel to it. We've waited for his arrival so long and he finally picked today to come out of his mom's womb !

12 August 2012

Thank god that the labour did not took long like my elder sister's did when she was delivering Nicholas. The whole process seemed okay, not much pain to be endured. And she went through it bravely. So proud of her !

And the baby has got big eyes like my sister's ! Just so adorable.

It's such a miracle that just yesterday, he was still inside my sister's womb kicking, and today .. he's out. A tiny little being, not even 24 hours old. With a small fluttering heart beating inside him. How can life not be a miracle ? It must have felt like a magical journey. And I envy her. Not only my sister, but those who are brave enough to bear our next generation, enduring the pain. Well, exceptions; teen, immature pregnancy.

These little lives, they need to arrive in a secured family. A promising childhood and growing environment. Definitely not some irresponsible teenagers getting knock up. 

I highly doubt that I'll have the chance to go through this magical journey my sisters had went through. But today, I'm grateful that everything went smoothly. 

Boi boi ! You're such a gift to us ! :)

Fene, so proud of you ! =) You ought to know that you're awesome.

Becoming an aunt again,



  1. congratulation to your sis. she's indeed a very brave mother.

  2. Thanks on behalf of her, anne :)


You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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