Saturday, September 1, 2012

Edge of Glory


It's already the first day of September, the end of the first day of September. But this pathetic blogger has to somehow summarize what's she's been up to, mainly in August.

August lied quietly between the borderline of eventful and dull. When August started, I went around to get documents certified and ran bank errands. And then, like my previous post, Fene gave birth to a healthy dragon baby. Ever since then, my mom stayed over at her house to aid her with the traditional Chinese confinement. I spent most of my August alone at home.

To be honest, it was really depressing at first. Washing clothes, sweeping and moping around. No one to talk to, just hog the internet. No mom shuffling here and there. Just me, the internet and the radio. I'll wake up a bit late than necessary so the day ends faster. But soon enough, I got used to it. 

I was secretly glad that there was this one week of Hari Raya holiday for my father. I can't really recall what I did with him, but I was glad I didn't have to stay at home alone. Moms are seriously heroes. They can quietly do all these chores waiting for their husband and children to come back at night. Anyway, Labelle and mummy accompanied me to shop for some formal attires. Was so glad that I can flex my legs' muscles ! The sales was still on and I spent quite a lot that day given that I 'accidentally' splurged when I came to this boutique at Shop-a-lot where Labelle works at. She has got discounts for all the stuff there .. I just can't help it !!! On the same day, my father brought me to KLCC bookfest after I've been nagging him for a few days :D 

Then, there's the packing. 

Initially, I wanted to bring this luggage and another storage box for my miscellaneous stuff. But then, after considering that I'm only born with two hands, I packed again and managed to squeeze everything into the luggage. 

I'll be at UPM tomorrow to start my yet another journey of education. I thought I'd feel excited. I'm glad I had the whole August to myself after 6 months of working. I got my stuff settled and hopefully rested. I seriously don't know how those who spent 8 months at home doing nothing but hogging the computer or just stone all day long can get back into the real world after so long. 

Because I'm shying away from the idea of getting into an all new environment tomorrow after just spending one month at home.

All right, time's up. Wish me luck !



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