Sunday, January 2, 2011

of a bunch of new year whores

Hola buddies !

Are all these terms appearing everywhere you go?

Happy New Year ! It's 2011 ! A New Year, A New Beginning ! Great year  ahead ! 

So's a brand new year, and this is just the second day of this brilliant new year ! And cheers ! This is my first post of the year !! I should have updated it yesterday but i was waiting for the photos my buddy took ! let's begin with how did you kick started your 2011? I went to my friend's house for a barbecue cum steamboat countdown-gathering party ! (the name's quite long ehh?OTL)

the yummy and delicious food for barbecue.. hee !

and also steamboat ! it's a whole lot of food !

weee....begin!! we used more than half an hour to start the fire..OTL
*epic fail*

JJ and Nan ! Buddies!

the patience they showed...LOL

we're actually starting the fire...(sorry..wrongly arrange..)

steamboat gang! =D

Proudly presenting to you, the "hottest" alien in this universe........

see the yummi-ness of the food through his alien face?

We were all bloated with yummy food and we've got nothing to do while it was still early to do the "countdown" here comes the New year whores !! 

*a round of thundering applause and drumming*

warm up warm up~ *spot me* =D

crap...i look so short beside JJ..>.<

buddies rock!! (alien act cute...OTL)

JJ, Nan, Alien =P

wee...i look innocent...; )

JJ and me...=D
  *dun dare to use this as my profile pic dy..>.<*

damn short..T__T

haha..slightly better =P

hee hee~

JJ and nan

Alien and Nan

Me and Nan...heee..saw how she hug me??=D

ultimate spoiler !!!

here comes aaron!! our host for the partay~

lame..but...FRIENDS 4 EVER~

alien look =X

alien says CHEERS!! hee

sakai, alien and JJ. hee!

=X alien spoiled the pic...

hee hee...give credit to JJ for this photo, he had to squad~

Wee..crazy? tired of scrolling down? but tell you what, those are all just WARM UPS ! inside the house was unsatisfying...the "whores" moved out to the outdoors...ready???

here we go~

the street whores...haha

weee....! the five of us posing! haha

this one is epic !!! haha

a bit too far..OTL..

fu yoh~~ =D

haha~ this is who we are...LOL

yeng + cool + badass =P

the model= epic failure..but i like the lonely...

hey, whr u guys looking at...=X

this is like blurrrrrrr.....but the effect is still there..saw their shadows and the "dragonfly"?

i heart our shadows..haha..well done~ =D

JUMP !!!

hahaha....a picture full of "story"

Here comes Malaysia next top models~

XXX boutique ambassador~ 

one word..AWESOME !

remember when we were young?
hm...i must have seen this photo in some magazines before..haha

LOL...FAIL model..T__T this looks wrong ehh..~

he's emo-ing for what will happen..=X
sorry EDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole lot of us..=)

the time when we were together - always great ..= ')

and so....

we ended our party-gathering with 5 pint of... was 31 st of December...=)

Oh my god..this is a long post..! if you happen to be staying tuned until this very sentence..THANK YOU !!


The photos told you everything ! it was crazily awesome and fun that night! The best gathering cum new year eve i ever had in my 18 years of life. 

I feel so happy that i kicked started my 2011 with my awesome friends and "whores" ! haha! Thank you guys so freaking much for this party ! I really must apologize if you find these photos' qualities are unsatisfying, it's not the camera's problem nor the photographer's problem ! It's my problem laa ! Sorry ! 

So, my 2010 ended with meeting up with friends, huggings and craziness ! i hope and wish and pray hard that i will be able to live up to my own expectations this coming 363 days ! 

Friends..if you're reading this...i sincerely hope to meet up again ASAP !! haha...we've got a street whoring/ photo shooting trip date..weeee! All the best for studies and work and assignments and exams and etc. Till then ! 

LOVE you guys very much!! lameness---> FRIENDS 4 EVER !!

Credits : 

Party host : Aaron Tau 

Photographer : Hayashi Kashun (JJ)

Drivers : Zac(Alien) Chun Meng Aaron Tau Hanns Chee

Models : Everyone !

and of course, you who are still reading..=D

We did not take any photos while count-downing..but we took video instead ! Hopefully i will post the videos once JJ post it..haha..only if he post it in you tube..=X so no promises ! I wish i could post the was freaking nice !

Alright. Please leave me a comment before you leave so that i know you were here...! Not in my bloody shoutbox but my comment box below this post ! =P much appreciated !



p/s : you realize something?? YES!! my adsense has been approved! weeee!


  1. WOW!Its so happening! HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

  2. thx adrian...! happy new year too =)

  3. Baskin Robbins :( nicee! miss the Choc Mint. and funny pictures u have o.o

  4. lol... I kesian Alien already XDDD awesome night <3 I still rambang mata~

  5. woots drooling at the bbq food! wow poser night :P

  6. Happy New Year to you :) I see you have a great celebration. Hahaha. Have a good year ahead!

  7. that's really some wild party hehehehe happy new year girl :)

  8. muah muah...hehe =D thx, alien..=P

  9. happy new year to you too...haha..not really wild la...=D

  10. it was awesome!! hehe....same goes to you!

  11. Wow... you guys had an awesome party!!! wulala..long post too..but i enjoy your pictures^^

  12. wow! u got tonnes of pictures here! like me and my friends! lol!

    btw, ur side view is pretty! hehe

  13. aiks...sideview ny? heh..jkjk...thx ya!

  14. yes!! thx..glad u enjoyed..=D

  15. So exciting new year celebration, compared to mine. T.T

  16. So many food and camwhore moments and BR icecreamsssss! So nice :D

  17. Oh, to be young and happy again :) Lots of camwhoring in progress, I'm sure you must enjoy life a lot mich. Nice! And a happy new year to you!

  18. Haha... I did the same for new year eve too instead of the conventional go shopping mall count down type.

  19. oh, come one, vincent, urs must have been fun too =D

  20.'s too short for us to not enjoy! same to u=D

  21. shopping mall is too crowded for my likings..=D

  22. SO MANY FOOD! If I go, I sure hog the buffet table :P

  23. Hey, (I'm just a random follower of your blog) awesome pics!!! The composition and posing in the street shots are fantastic! Go you guys! You all look great, and it looks like you all had a lot of fun ringing in the New Year :-)

  24. thank you so much for following my blog and liking the craziness of me and my friends ! yeah, we had fun and it was awesome..=)

  25. SO MANY FOOD! If I go, I sure hog the buffet table :P


You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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