Wednesday, January 12, 2011

of new look and daily rambles


I've been debating whether or not to change my blog to black color for quite some time now..well...i did it at last.. ! Hah ! I don't care what you think, hee..i like this new header and look of my blog ! =) If you're wondering how my blog looked like, don't bother. 

It's Wednesday, the third day of my second week of school. Like i said, this week hasn't been kind enough to me. A rather "rough" week ! I really didn't expect this to happen. But when it happened, to be honest, what i feel ? Hmm... the feeling when you expected your friends to throw you a surprise birthday party but they ended up bringing you to a great restaurant? (i know the comparison is...weird) You still have something but, the enthusiasm is not there? Don't get it? Oh..well, don't bother ! =)

this is actually an old photo.. !

When i first saw this sugar bunny, i was like..ohh ! God, this is so dang cute ! i simply need to have it or i'll die ! But that's only how i feel in term of words.. whether or not i feel that way literally? Not really. So maybe that's the reason why i'm not okay only for a pretty short time. I don't really want it. I just wish it is there. Short term heartache i will call it. 


The good news about these few days is that, Nicholas has been discharged ! Thanks god ! I guess i'll give Labelle a call now she must be...exhausted? Given the efficiency of government hospitals, who wouldn't? 

Anyhow, i've added more stuff to my Mich-list ! OTL my wish-list is increasing by day, by month or whatsoever ! Ish..=P 

I decided to tag my post with weather to describe my feelings for (if possible) every post 
=) heeee....we've got what uh? 
cloudy for slight moody, sunny for excited, stormy for angry, rainy for sad, rainstorm for super emo and rainbow for happy, clear for neutral? haha

Right, i call this a post, i need to work on my studies..till then.

Lotsa love, 


p/s: if you're reading, you should comment so that i know that you're not dead =P do you like the new look ?

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