Monday, January 10, 2011

of video and emotional update

Alright, as i promised in the earlier post that i will post the video of my new year eve celebration once my "darling" done editing and uploading the video. I don't know if you can successfully view this video because of the privacy settings, so comment below to let me know ya !

Sit back, relax, enjoy.

Our craziness .. =) Want more crazy photos? Here

There are a few more videos i guess..because if he put everything in this it will be crazily long.. !

I guess today hasn't been kind enough to me or maybe I'm being sentimental. Why sentimental? Whoa, a whole lot of stuff contributed to it. Nicholas is admitted to the hospital. baby boy ! I called mummy and she said he's getting better, bacteria infection at the lungs and mild asthma inherited from my brother-in-law. Praying hard that he will recover soon enough.. !

Aside from Nicholas... I... skip this, to my studies.. Entering university needs at least 3.2 overall CGPA. In other words, i have to AT LEAST score 60 marks in every paper. This is driving me to insanity. My mood right at this moment is like -4 ! =X

The student council is pushing us to organize activities so and so.. It's just the first day of the week and I'm already feeling tired and exhausted.. 

Breath !

I guess pressure's on. But i need some air !

Nicky boy, i miss you so much ! Please be okay. 

the exhausted non girl, non woman,

 when everyone fails you, don't worry, HE's there for you now and always..(=

p/s : if you're wondering where is my oh-so-important chat box/shout box is..i've moved it to a stand alone page with the title Click Me ! 


  1. did u use PICASA do make ur header?

    nice.. =)

    p.s. - Blessed Happy New Year! :D

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  2. yeap. it's picasa. =) thanks


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