Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Reviews: Hand Cream/Lotion

I figured my blog posts for this month are all my life ramblings and i feel like blogging about some product reviews. I went through my albums and found some photos of my hand creams/lotions, etc..

#Vaseline Healthy Hand & Nail Moisturizing Lotion


#Cyber Colors Handy-4-U Hand Cream (Strawberry)

My hands feel dry very easily especially in air-conditioned room. I normally use small bottles of lotions until one day i feel like getting a hand cream which is easier to bring around with. I'm definitely those picky type of girl where everything puts into consideration very carefully like, smell and the look of the product...heh..

#vitamin E
#Olive oil
$$ RM 8.50
This is the first hand lotion i bought for my hands and it is really good ! It smells faintly of olive oil essence and it's not greasy at all after applying it to my hands. It doesn't even feel sticky like most hand cream does ! This hand lotion has no flavor options, but some places sell the same hand lotion but with aloe vera. You can get this at any supermarkets or pharmacies..Watson, Guardian..etc. 

#Vitamin E
#natural fruit extracts(not that natural)
#RM 12.90
This hand cream, i have been longing to buy it since i started using hand cream because it looks cute and it has strawberry flavor. I finally bought it during a vacation because i forgot to bring the vaseline one. In other words, i had no choice. The strawberry flavor smelled so freaking nice when the promoter showed me the tester.... But when i actually use it, it smells so sweet and i wonder will it attract ants! I don't really like the smell because it's very strong. (the whole class will notice that it's me applying my oh-so-sweet hand cream) But luckily, it comes in different flavors.. as far as i'm concerned, it comes in mango, orange, watermelon and rose flavors. I'm planning to buy the watermelon flavor because it smells refreshing..=) This hand cream is nice except from the strawberry smell ! Non greasy, non sticky. But the only thing is, i can only find it at SaSa and it's much more expensive and smaller in size. =X

I personally prefer the vaseline hand lotion, it can last very long and i'm already using the n-bottle already..It has been almost two years since i started using it.. ! It's cheaper, easier to get and bigger in size.. If you notice the cap of both hand creams, the vaseline one is more consumer-friendly.

I really can't live without hand cream, there's one incident where i went shopping without my hand cream with my sister at Jusco one day. When my hands started feeling dry but i didn't wanna buy a new hand cream,(i've got too many at home already) that's when testers in Watsons play its important role...Shhhhh ! 

Hand creams are really useful and it's a must-must in a girls bag ! It comes into handy not only when your hands feel dry. There are tonnes of brands out there so choose and try until you find your favorite one =) 

What's your favorite one?

p/s : imma still looking for the best of the best =D

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Grandma, rest in peace, we love you !


  1. the cyber strawberry ones look cute :D but many people say vaseline is better :)

  2. vaseline hand lotion is the best ! I think la...hehe! I personally likes it too~^^

  3. My choice is always Vaseline, can't remember of hand the name of the cream, but use it for my dry lips and removing make up sometimes.

  4. Vaseline made my bestfriend's lips lose colour.I dont know if that's normal or not but it scared me away from using vaselline for anything.

    And i love strawberry anything XD it always smells so pretty. dont think it's too useful though =S

  5. ohh...didn't try the lip balms before .. =D
    strawberry smells to sweet to me...hehe..


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