Tuesday, January 4, 2011

of life, life AND life

perhaps a brief update of my recent life after school started?

Well, it's just the second day of school and what am i doing? updating about my so called school life? Oh well.

Now that my class has been moved to the senior block, it's darker compared to the previous classroom we used last year. We have to turn the lights on all the time now (look what shit i'm crapping !) and it's sort of blinding ! Ughh !

It's just the second day of school and i already have this feeling that my work loads are increasing as seconds tick by... ! OTL The first day of school itself.. a teacher held us back to talk crap ! Anyways, the lessons started immediately thanks to my Malay Language teacher. She might be strict, but she's a brilliant teacher. Okay. I'm not here to talk about my teachers ! I have to make another decision of the century! I have a MUET to sit in May and I'm already freaking out. Oh dang. This is insane !

My MUET teacher was like What did you get for MUET during the final exam? Uhh..Band 5? Ohh..so you aim for Band 6. -after recess- Why you want a Band 6 for? Go London? Haha..but MUET is not recognized in London. What else can i say? I was totally speechless... 

Hmm..what else? Oh..i updated my Mich-list...! I can't imagine that i really forgot about it while i was putting up that bloody list of mine..! And, I'm considering to freeze my karma in plurk. I don't have, and certainly can't afford to update it every single day now. Schooling alone eats ups most of my time not to mention assigned tutorials...bla and bla and bla ! And also study..So, i'll just have to sacrifice plurk because facebook is a communicating media, they spread everything through facebook now ! (what a good reason)

I have to pay 120 bucks upfront for the Malaysian University English Test..it's for May and October.. ! I need to pray hard i don't screw either up ! =X

So..till the next post then...! =)
Smile and survive...

Lotsa love,



  1. All the best for your Muet then! I might need to take Muet too, is it difficult? :S

  2. All the best for your Muet then! I might need to take Muet too, is it difficult? :S

  3. not to say difficult but it's definitely not an easy task..! =) thx, hilda...good luck to you too!

  4. haha good luck ya^^ i haven take that yet.n it must be not that easy^^gambathe^^ envy you coz u start ur class already lol i am boring like hell at home :( srs one><dun hate me lol


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