Saturday, January 8, 2011

Are you a GLEEK or a GEEK ?

During my lower-six end of year break, aside from msn-ing, facebook-ing, blog-ing, plurk-ing, I was glee-ing too. When the whole world started going crazy over GLEE i was like, what the hell is so nice about glee? Ain't it just another chic-lit sorta teens drama ? (and in case you still don't know what the heck Glee is....GOOGLE it laa !)

Until i finished Pretty Little Liars Season 1 and have got nothing better to do a.k.a NO LIFE, i gave the first episode a try. Immediately, i fell in love with this drama. I'm honestly the sort of person that have no patience with dramas. I used to go crazy about Hong Kong dramas, Taiwan dramas, etc. But i will soon get bored with the draggy stories like why the hell can't you make it short and straight to the point??!! So yeah, it's kind of hard for me to complete a series of drama unless i find it really interesting or the castings are great ! 
(in PLL's case, too many pretty girls and hot guys for me to not like..heh)

But Glee is another thing. Don't ask me if it's something like High School Musical because i never lay my eyes even for a mere second on that series of movie. I just don't like it or perhaps, not yet like it. But one thing i'm sure, it's totally different from Hannah Montana or even Lizzie McGuire where both are 100% bimbo-tic chic-lits. 

Glee is about music. Yes, it's about music. In this drama, they're almost singing half of the time and even you're a total geek who know nothing about the latest hits, i'm pretty sure there must be at least a song they covered you know. And as far as i'm concerned, most of them are actors and actresses who can really sing and act !   

The main reason i love this drama is their singings, especially Lea Michele's voice ! Her voice is simply awesome and captivating ! 

i wish i can have a voice like hers !

The choreography and arrangement is simply brilliant ! I'm merely sharing the OST's of the drama ! You need to watch it to really get what i mean..=)

The videos from youtube are some of my favorite covers from Glee from season one. And Charice is appearing in season two ! weeee..... !  No worries that there are no hotties in this drama..heh..! 

If you haven't watch it yet, give it a try ! It's really nice and worth watching..=)
p/s : i'm watching season 2 and in a slow pace.. heh..what with studies and work loads from school ! Watching glee actually helped me to relax and that's the reason behind the existence of this post.. !



  1. You watched PLL? Is it goooood?! I'm so tempted to watch it but I havent donwload them ): Anyways, I like Glee too but only those episodes with songs that I'm familiar with HAHA

  2. I've heard of this drama series, but havent watched it yet, so you recommend it ya?


You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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