Wednesday, June 22, 2011

just so you know

There wasn't much to blog about lately. Not to say uneventful but i was kinda busy and lazy. I was involved in a mini Japanese exhibition last Saturday for International Understanding Day. Surprisingly, not much photos taken despite i was wearing Yukata the first and probably the only time in my life. LOL. So yeah, no photos.

By the way, my friend who is studying in Singapore came back to Malaysia for his sem-break. I hung out with him and the bestie on Saturday night and Monday which happened to be the eve of his return back to Singapore :'( It was super epic and super hilarious. I think the laughter never stops except from occasional meals, toilet breaks, in the cinema and while we were trying out clothes, no, we kept laughing nevertheless !

It's funny how we've gotten so crazy. Almost out of control.

This week is really gonna drain the essence out of me. From today onwards, i won't be having classes until next monday. I went to PJ for some girl guides thingy and tomorrow will be the school trip to parliament. Friday, school trip again to UPM for some answering techniques. It's tiring and oh well, sickening ! At least i don't have to sit in class ! Teehee !

Right, that's really all i had to say after a long pause. I'm really sorry if i don't update as frequent as i used to. I promise i'll return once i've got enough time and stuff to blog about. Maybe i'll blog about the parliament and upm school trip. But that's all for now.


p/s : i was trying to upload a photo of me wearing yukata, but blogger's photo uploading seems to be having some kinda issue with me. 

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