Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Big Bad Wolf left town

Ho ho ho ! Merry Christmas everyone.

Sorry for this long hiatus because Uni life is no joke. Not to mention Uni's line !

I guess the monstrous book sales has been a hot topic for quite some time. Everyone rushed to the wolf's den to spend till they drop. And yes, I was one of the everyone. I went there like 3 to 4 times I guess. Didn't make it on the last day though. But on the preview day itself, I already bought quite a number of books, mind you ! And the next day, where BBW is officially launched, I went there again with coursemates.

This is what welcomed us on the first day itself. If you've never been to the Big Bad Wolf book sales, don't be surprise that people actually bring luggages, big huge luggage and trolleys for a thorough book shopping spree !

The Big Bad Wolf book sale claimed the be the world's biggest book sale.

The wolf's Lamborghini !

It is a real car okay ! I think they added another blue car a few days after.

Different banners indicating different sections.

Notice how they used Harry Potter's font on Young Adult ?

And yes, guess this is one of the sales' highlights. Mission 63, where non-stop book shopping for the first 3 days, 63 hours non-stop. It's from 7 December to 23 December, they had this 63 hours mayhem every weekend after that !

Stacks and stacks of books ! Yes, STACKS of cheap books. Like Mitch Albom's For One More Day, HARDCOVER, large print edition. Malcom Gladwell's Blink and Outliers ! You can see these books in STACKS every where. Selling from 8-12 ringgit !

Fiction- my most hovered section !

Can you see the crowd ? It's just a small part of the hall !

My favourite section :D You get free stamps to stamp your purchases ! Awesome or what ? ;D

BBW merchandise. 

This monstrous book sales is recommendable to all book lovers. However, do not expect newly published books to be in this sales. At least not the oven-fresh books. If you're those readers who genuinely long for new books, then this sales might disappoint you a little, you'll still be able to find some gems here and remember to bring along your patience !

The wolf has finally left town, mission accomplish. But if you're one dedicated reader, this book sales is not one to be missed next year :D

Till then,


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