Monday, December 13, 2010

how bout' a round of applause?

Hi ya!'s been a long time since i blog about bits of ramblings of my life..Hee, so if you're not interested with me--My life laa.. ! You know better than to continue reading..=) CHRISTMAS's near!! Haha..i got affected by the decorations at Times Square. tee hee. But that place is forever crowded..ish.

haha.. cam-whored while picking up Fene..=D 

Tee...i tied half of my hair up and left the other half down..
Going out with all my hair let down is a BIG NO NO! I can't! >.< sigh. My BFF always complain about that...D=

Hee, so my family and i headed to times square once Fene jumped into the car.(she literally jumped in..LOL) And we reached there about one something and got ourselves some Krispy Kreme

LOL..the staff voluntarily posed..the making of donut~ 

yummy...but i didn't pick this...hee

wee..i picked this head favorite caramel!

 this is fene's almond all over..tasted nice too^^

ahh...this minis are so cute!

doughnuts doughnuts!!

The deco's~

this year's christmas tree's a tall one..
i still prefer last year's one..!
a turning christmas tree on top of a cabin's roof~


i heart this white one..weee
this bee actually can turn..OTL

Like i said, times square and sungei wang are always crowded with people!! Yesterday, throughout the shopping process, i was like in a kind of trance...! Like totally blur. when i looked at something, i wasn't focusing on it..LOL...crazy huh...! @.@

Weee, my sister and i went through times square's fashion runway and Sg. Wang's fashion city. All i've got myself was three dresses! Hee....i forgot to buy some tees..>.< and i actually answered no when fene asked if i want any tops...WTH....

I like this dresss..=)

this dress is really pretty!! just that the photo failed..i mean i failed to take it properly..
i saw it on a doll and i just had to GRAB it!!!

this looks a bit kiddo..>.<

Quite exhausted when we got home. and my sister wasn't feeling well..sigh. And then after cleaning ourselves up..(LOL) we started trying out clothes....hee ! and flashing clothes at each other..>.< thats all it takes for my eyes and nose to go itchy...OTL........... !

Sigh. Anyway, planning to go out with Nandini to watch Narnia and check out Mid Valley's deco..weee! Hmm..recently, i fell in love with Rihanna's Take a Bow. IDK why..but i like the way Lea Michele sang it..GLEE!!=D  

Okay..thanks for reading this lame and boring post...till then..=)

Oh crap..almost forgot!

my christmas present from my sister(actually she sensed that i was extremely emo.T.T)

tadahhh~ Chocolates for me~ =D

-end of useless post..hee hee-



  1. the first commenter get free chocos~ thanks..

  2. i like the dresses!!! I wannnttt <3 XD

  3. lol..seems that your taste has indeed improved quite an amount ~ LOL....=D


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