Monday, December 6, 2010

that girl

it's dark outside...
piercing silence creeping near through
the chilly air that embrace me without mercy.
standing in front of the mirror,
i saw her.

the girl that reflects my soul
the girl that hides herself within my reflection
cowering from her unstable emotions,
unable to deceive resentments that are too vivid.

that girl who lives within my reflection
struggling against her erratic emotions,
pathetically controls all untamed desires;
slipping deep into her conscience,
she search for courage to summon
the brittle self-esteem that hardly ever existed.

slowly, it dawns upon me that
the dampness on her face
are tears sliding down my cheeks 
the girl that reflects on my mirror.

inspired by: emo
playing yiruma's in the yellow room album
exact time: 5 december 10 11.08p.m.

the frequent update of my blog briefly indicates that i haven't been studying...argh..! how could that be possible? LOL. 
i have to kill one essay tonight! =D



  1. Deep is all I can say, real deep. If this is about you, just keep your head up :)

  2. your post making me even more emo!

  3. lol cheer up =)

    your hand writing is small, not like me, mind was brutal =P

  4. i am not good at poetry. but i read as very emo. u write it well :)

  5. Very emotional...very deep...It goes so well with your blog music..nice one...

  6. awwww! nicely written, very bright.. chillax !

  7. lol cheer up =)

    your hand writing is small, not like me, mind was brutal =P


You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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