Monday, December 27, 2010

unforgivable moment

#photo taken by: Fene Ng

There is a knock on the door
No one.
There is this grasp at the heart
No beat.
Stranded in this isolated world of my own,
I can't seem to find my way out..
Struggling is futile,
Escaping is pointless.
The cheering crowd that increase as time ticks by
is deceiving me
If i give in to the illusions you create
It's because i am trapped within my own lies.

There is a silhouette under the moonlight
Nothing much.
There is this sweetness in the air
Nothing else.
Your string of thoughts are ocean-deep
I can't seem to find my way in.
There are questions to be answered and
To be left unasked.
The crowd will have to dismiss themselves;
Though the show never even started.
If the curtains are to fall apart...

The world will see that my illusions and your lies
Will leave my heart wounded.

i don't know what led to this ... i mean know what inspired (OTL) this, but i dunno what led to this emo..Oh well..forget bout' it.
Anyway....this post...seems rubbish-ish (OTL) to me....>.<
plainly trying to express my feelings at this moment. Sigh.

Original time of this blog draft: 26 Dec 10 11.12 p.m.


p/s: a comment will do to cheer me up =P

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