Monday, November 29, 2010

of scattered bits of memories and our pain

if my apology for my absence and my ignorance when it happened
could in anyway diminishes the pain that awaits you,
that would be the best gift from God

and if my endless prayers could in anyway
 grant you invulnerability 
for what you have to go through,
that would be mercy shown by God 

if my courage could rip that shuddering fear 
from your tough yet fragile frame,
that would be Zeus granting me his power

bracing every possibilities that are coming in your way
there's no way for you to be alone,
despite the courage you tried to show

as we walk hands in hands,
praying hearts by hearts,
that's when everything will be okay..

because we love you, 
and you know that's the reason you stay here
to watch how your love is growing
within and between the three of us
the endless love

stay with her and stay with us.
love my mama..

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