Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Diwali

Tomorrow will be Diwali..^^ Well, this year's Diwali got no place to celebrate...Aww....but I really miss aunty's muruku neh!

She makes the world's best Muruku ever...hehe! Alright, to those who celebrate Diwali, Happy Diwali in advance! Especially to my half-family-member: Aunty, Uncle, Meera and Nandini!! Oh yeah...and Ram too...don't really know him though! All the best and hugs...

Hmmm.... the holidays are about to start!'s bound to be boring and meaningless! Ugh...Besides, I have to study too. Feel sick even when I think of it! 


I guess it must be the weather! Everyone's sick. My sister, me, my brother, my maid, my mother and even Nicholas is SICK! Mummy and Labelle said that they have to take him to the clinic everyday to melt the phlegm that got stuck in his lungs! poor little nephew. Really hope he's alright! The stupid weather is getting hot again! It was quite chilly when the finals started but only for a few days it turned hot again! Ugh! I really need the chilly weather to come out with something...=,="

Nvm...wanna share this great song with everyone...not a new song but a great one...xD She's so cute! Happy Diwali and love you guys! *hugs*

Charice ft IYAZ



You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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