Tuesday, November 9, 2010

of listening and photos..=)

One usually claims that he or she is a good listener. But recently, through my MUET 3, I found out that being a good listener is indeed a tricky task. By this point, I guess you must be questioning why MUET 3(given the situation that you're sitting for MUET)? Well, one of the articles in MUET 3 laa! Everyone of us has a very strong need to have other people hear us.

This need is so strong that when listening is purposely withheld,
self-esteem suffers.

The article mentioned that the need to be a good listener to others is often ignored by people who considered themselves good communicators. Almost everyone is a poor listener. Rereading this article made me realize that in fact, we were trained to talk since we were kids. The quality of communication falls on your skills in expressing yourself that is- talking. But listening? I've heard of classes like speech and drama and even participated when I was in Sri Garden. Classes like that are known to sharpen our skills in speaking. But ever heard of classes that specifically sharpens your listening skills? IDK.

Maybe listening comes so readily that we fail to notice that it too needs certain skills. I remember Tuesdays With Morrie mentioned that in order to be a good listener, you have to pay hundred percent of your attention towards the speaker. But the thing is, do everything the speaker speaks registers even if you're paying hundred percent of attention towards him or her?

I've been going through all the photos in my phone memory..here are some i love...
deliciously pink
my fav plush toy
go green shirt!
lol...this was an accident..really!
my all time fav! a caterpillar i tried to save
macho boy!

i like this
hehe...this is uncle!<3
my wall art=)
lol...idk..but i saw this and just snapped!
Haiz..Maggie said she just got robbed while crossing the road during lunch! >< Stupid thief!! Luckily she's okay, i mean she's not hurt or anything..that's the most important thing. Well. Papers are given back to us this week. Hopefully all pass laa...=,=" argh!



  1. I do agree being a listener ain't as easy as it seem. Although sometimes it's easy in cases where the listener is eye candy :p

    Yeah hope your friend is alright emotionally. Be a listener for her kay :)

    surfs'up - alvinontherocks

  2. @simon: yeah..it's cute..hehe
    @adrian: xD
    @alvin: oppss...maggie is actually my sis! thx~

  3. lol~
    ur go green t-shirt looks new =)

  4. shing: lol..not really new actually..hehe..

  5. @jann: yeah
    @ken: haha..yeah...it's maltese!

  6. @jann: yeah
    @ken: haha..yeah...it's maltese!


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