Friday, November 26, 2010

upon my death...

feeling the last sign of life slipping away

through my fingertips 

the warmth of my body seeping out

leaving me behind

i could no longer breath

my fragile heart refuse to beat 

knowing the fact that i could no longer reach out to you

struggling fruitlessly to hold on 

hovering to love more

but upon my death something else arises 

as my death brings the two of you together

when the love for me draws you in the same direction

and my love for you seals your hearts as one

that is when i will live on forever

through the love my death created

the eternity of my love

lives on after the last beat of my heart

Some product of my emo-ness...LOL
Listening to Yiruma's: Love hurts.
Disclaimer: the pic is not mine! i randomly googled and found this...


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