Monday, November 22, 2010

of spinning mind and random crapping

Well, no photos in this post. Survive this..LOL. I don't really know what to...
crap about actually. Don't have...STRINGS to break...(keep your mind clean!!)OTL. So, i accompanied my mother to get her blood check at this Selayang General Hospital. It was cold there and the weather was kinda chilly somehow, i had my jacket on all the way. Don't ask me why or when, but i dislike the piercing sensation that arises my goosebumps nowadays! brother lent me his mp3 player, so basically, i had it on TOO. I was quite distracted the whole day. Absent-minded. IDK. Maybe too much spinning round my mind or maybe nothing at all..haha!

On the way back from Kajang(we took the road-liner) and there was this road block a few meters away from Kajang High School. Guess what? They flagged(the traffic officers) down the bus and one of the officers came up to check our IC's and the foreign workers' passports or paper bla bla bla..etc. Whoa..this is the first time in my life to encounter such road blocks! Thanks god i brought my ic with me! Forgetful as I am...but i brought it with me today....xD

Ohh..SPM and STPM are starting tomorrow! Last year, I was preparing for SPM. It seems so far away now. Really, Mikha, if you're reading this..(you will, after the exam probably) CHILL! Haha..when i was reading your blog, i found it interesting cuz' for once since i met you, you're actually freaking out..........BLEK! Next year is MY turn! GOOD LUCK to all my SENIORS!!!*hugs*

Moving on to my next crapping point, i realize i suck at dealing with my own life sometimes...whether emotionally or whatsoever! Like my friend or...rather my new counselor said(LOL), we're only human!All i can do is only MY best. =)

Well, as for the remaining of my holidays, if i really couldn't find myself a part-time, then it's study time!!! I've been slacking for like *thinking* two weeks to three weeks? to kick myself! Hell....i need to STUDY...! Some GLEE won't hurt though....=X yeah. I'm officially in love with GLEE!!!!!!

CRAP...i just remember that i still have two essays, one summary and ONE SHORT novel to complete! oh my god.


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