Saturday, November 6, 2010

of cravings and missing dogs

LOL...i was bored during modern lit so...
 promoting for unicef campaign...hehe
oh....that's my lovely notebook! it's thick and it!
i did this before the finals started but just remembered its existence! hehe

Hmmm...the weather during these few days are so terribly, extremely horrible! It's hot and it's giving me headaches and numbs! 

Actually, planned to go out with Nan today...Oh well, canceled all plans today.. x( 

Argh. My cravings for certain things
increased out of a sudden. I crave for sushi, fast food, movie(popcorn laa) and caramel ice-creams and mars chocolates and BASKIN ROBBINS and what else eh??? YEAH, Secret recipe AND Famous Amos! Oh my god. What's wrong with me? Haha...if you go out with me now, it'll be like releasing a monster. swt.. I can WAIT! I'll wait for the holidays to come and find a way to satisfy if not all, part of my cravings! Crap! There's no way i can not gain weight~ Scary, ain't I? xD Ohh...I just had my dinner at around 6 something and now...I'm feeling hungry! >< My mother was right! Ugh, a mother's prediction! ><

Oh yeah, came across with this at facebook!
missing dog
The owner said the dog went missing at Ampang, Bukit Indah. So if you saw it...mind giving the owner a call? =) I actually thought the eyes are cool! Quite scary also! Hehe..

Hmm...I'm now reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I didn't buy the book but borrowed it from my sister's friend. The book's about a girl. Susie Salmon. She was murdered by her neighbor. She explains how she was murdered and the rest of the book's about her watching her family and her murderer from heaven. I watched the movie but as usual the book's always better. The only thing is, after watching the movie, i feel that the book's a bit draggy! >< 

Talking bout waiting for Nan to get me my as-a-gift-book! She really swt la...xD

Alright. Got to go! Crap enough dy..hehe...!



  1. well...I must say compliment to your effort in support of the campaign....keep it up

  2. normally if siberian missing, someone will pick it up and hide in their own house. 50% of these people will return and another 50% chose to keep them. so pity..hmm

  3. hey girl!!you can visit those places too...
    btw,followed ur blggie...

  4. hey girl!!you can visit those places too...
    btw,followed ur blggie...


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