Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Craziest crazies...xD

This must be the craziest week i ever had in my life...xD Well...it feels great...haha. So, today's the last day of school. Last day of my lower six life... You know how i ended it? Haha, went to sushi king with Nan, San, Kok siong and my senior, Mikha. We cracked loads of jokes there and we were laughing like crazy! Anyhow, i enjoyed. Even if it rained. I loved it.

Weee...I'm having nan at my house for a stay-over! LOL...i'm glad to have her with me. My dearest friend in my whole life is now lying on my bed sleeping like a pig..
xD I've been robbing hers and Mikha's time..lol...both are having exams while mine is over. Yeah. Selfish girl.

I want to hold on to it...
when it's still here
I want to grip it as hard as possible
when it's still strong
I want to have as much as possible
when it still exist
Before it fades away
Before it seeps out of our cells
Before it's too late
I want to cherish this friend of mine
I want to secure our friendship
Before time and distance
challenge it, driving us apart
I want to hold on to it...
when we still label each other as friend


P/S: #4 in class...have to say sorry to myself!

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