Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Reviews: Temporary tattoos

I went to Sungei Wang with my family yesterday and found this temporary tattoo shop! I am not sure if the shop has a name but it's something like Body Arts I guess!

So, if you're thinking about having a real tattoo..
why not try this temporary one first? At least, temporary ones are removable! Let the picture do the talking! 
first step...
second step...spray!! 


 this is my sis's Pegasus 
my cupid!(don't mind the hair!)

The girl promised that the material used are some sort of fruit acid...! It's okay to sensitive skins! And i find it kinda cheap too! It starts from the cheapest 10 ringgit to 25 ringgit! And it last for 7 days! Well if you pick sweaty spots like neck, it last for a shorter period. But to be honest, my tattoo is currently fading...i guess it's due to my laziness to sprinkle some powder after showering..xD Well, another reason i wanna share this thing with you all is that, the girl that served us is pretty HOT!!!hehe! are some info:

Location: Sungei Wang, Right in front of Mc D
Price: from 10 ringgit onwards
Graphics: Um...quite a lot...probably more than 20 designs

Different colors are available with surcharge : 10 ringgit.

Hmmm...i personally think that it's great, except from the fact that mine fades so fast! But if you're interested...i really think you should try it!!


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  1. hey that's your tatoo..
    y dont u go for the sticker tatoo?..i used to with stickers tatoo..


You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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