Sunday, October 23, 2011

Old-School Graduation

Greetings, earthlings !

Time flies, time runs, time speeds, time spins or whatsoever, it's my turn. Graduating from Form Six I mean. This photo must be very familiar to you if you're a loyal reader of my blog. Because, about the same time last year, I blogged about my senior's graduation. With the almost same photo. 

So yeah .. I'll let the photos do the talking ? Don't mind it if you find me hogging most of the photos, it's my blog after all .. Hah !

#Graduation 2011 

#Physic students in green robes

#onion head Fu Wai ! :D

#Koh, a friend that i love annoying him with Smurf's lalala lalala :D

#Ai Xin. Pretty in her cheong sam !

#Nubiee Chang in robes ! :P Someone said he looks like a giant in this ._.

#Aaron Denison. Class monitor

#Me in the robes ! And my favorite teacher :)

#Nubiee in his robes !

#From right : Fu Wai, Yan Yang, Ashok

#With our certs :D

#posing : LIKE A BOSS. That's Koh, btw.

#Sim Yee and me :D

#Noob and smart girl in robes ! no likey my buck teeth :(

#Posers !

#Koh. Annoying ! Can tease me about being short even with heels ! =.= (it makes him look tall ! LOL)

#Bestie, may san !

#Fu Wai a.ka. High School Tae Yang

#Yin Han, rarely get to snap photos with her, like seriously ! 

#The pull up gang ! All trying to match with my height ! Pathetic >.<

#Gay brothers got caught ..

#candid shot of wan yin and me ..

#Calyne and Embrys, pretty girls.. !

#Koh joining in with flowers for Calyne, Haha !

#Smoking hot lady, Hui Wen.

#Catchy junior, Tze Yien

#Happy and willing hanger, SPOT ME .. LOL

#Ashok Kumar, the president !

#L.O.L. Atiqah, my classmate :)

Not much photos, I just upload a bit of these and that so yeah. Can't believe my time in Kajang High School, a very old and exotic school (Haha) is almost up. 

Form Six life is not very different from normal High School life. You wear uniforms to school. Class starts at 7.15 in the morning and ends at 1.40 in the afternoon. You attend morning assemblies, you contribute in Uniform Units, Societies and you listen to teachers teaching in class. Very similar, but also different altogether.

You get to bring phones and actually use it in class, you know.. like texting ! Haha. Being in Kajang High School is like dropping by to say Hi and then move on with life. It's a short stay, but for me, I don't just say Hi. I can't say that I've left anything behind for the school except my mere existence and some really minor contributions. But I took a lot from it.

I took new friends. Experiences. Knowledge. Teachers. Above all, memories. I can't say that I've developed very strong feelings for this school. Because, for me, it's not easy to get attached to something. And one and a half year is really short. But overall, I had fun here and I like it here too. For many reasons. 

This graduation is actually a chance for us to say goodbye to each other officially and formally. And also a chance to steal something from time. It feels weird, because you still have to sit for the final exam after this. 

I don't have much time left until the finals. And I've been slacking a lot. I'm keeping my fingers cross that I will pull through this STPM with satisfying results that can get my ass into university. 

Pray for me ? Haha.

So yeah, I guess this is it. 

Oh wait, a big round of applause to the Student's Council led by Ashok Kumar. Every one of us contributed to this Graduation and not only graduation. =)

All the best to SPM and STPM candidates ! May you score with flying colors ? Hahaha ! 




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