Saturday, February 23, 2013

iPhone 5 - RM 250

Hey there, greetings !

So, it has been a while for a real post from me and I know I'm at fault but believe me, I've been really really busy for the past couple of weeks,days,hours, minutes, whatevever! Yes.. even though my semester just started less than a week, I'm kinda busy. Hopefully it'll be over soon.

Okay, I got to cut to the chase. So yeah .. I've bought an iPhone 5 :D It's almost a week now .. but if you've been following my twitter, you'd realize the frequent photo spam via my instagram!

This classy earphone case with the apple logo :D

And .. TADAAA ...
iPhone 5
..The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone -Apple.

And right now you'd be thinking: HOLY SHIT ! iPhone 5, RM 250 ?! You kidding me?! 

No I'm NOT!

Because ..
#troll face.jpg

Heh .. Yes, you just got trolled. This post is a combination of ze blogger with a new phone and collecting her 250 ringgit book voucher :D Couldn't be more smug. 

Anyway, with that, I officially(LOL) announce to you ... *drum rolls*

My ...

Yessss. Do follow me on Instagram, stalker! ;)

Till then.




  1. HAHAHA I just got myself a new phone too but sadly it's not an Iphone 5 and I'm a newbie to Instagram too (x I can't wait to get those voucherssss!

  2. aiyo, gave me a shock. i thought really RM250 for an iPhone. if it's so, i wanna upgrade my iPhone lo.


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