Sunday, July 24, 2011

give me the reason to continue

Why making all those promises when you will only break it ?
Why make me believe that it's possible when you never intend to fulfill it ?
What's left to make me keep going on ?
What's the point for me to keep on in the first place ?
How am i suppose to convince myself to hold on.

If you don't expect me to go somewhere you won't afford,
Tell me in the beginning.
Making me expect and telling me it's not possible
is devastating.
I tried so hard, I wanted so badly.
But if I knew it's not possible, I would not have hoped.
How am i suppose to keep holding on ?

And anyone can talk behind my back, but it's you that it cuts deep enough to drain me. No matter how small the matter might be.
But you just won't know.

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