Tuesday, July 12, 2011

of miss careless and miss dumbo

Bad day.

LOL, actually the bad day was on last Sunday. Sigh, guess what .. I effin lost my phone. No, not iPhone. Uhh..no, not BB either. NO, OF COURSE not HTC. Nope, not galaxy tab, lame phone weyhh ! Okay la, okay la, it's just a "dumb" phone ! HEYYYY, my Sony Ericsson C903 is not dumb okay, even though it ain't a smartphone doesn't mean it's dumb ! Mine YOU ! 

So yeah, after all those pointless crappings, I've lost my phone. Not stolen, but lost ! And i lost it in a cinema (i was watching Treasure Inn, btw.) ! I'm such a dumbo, I didn't even realize i misplaced my phone. Sigh. See, i had to get myself a phone.OTL

I was thinking about buying a HTC Wildfire S. Unfortunately, the very outdated rural area I'm living in, HTCs aren't fehmes. So my mom thinks i shouldn't buy such infamous phone because in case anything happens to my new phone, i have to go all the way to the bigg bigg city to fix it. It's all fussy. Nokia is totally out of the question, and i don't like samsung. So, all that is left is Sony Ericsson (i'm a loyal SE user, all my phones were SE and still is, FTW). My mom figures X10 is too bulky and unworthy .. i end up buying X8. LOL, the exactly same phone with Fe-neh's ! :P 

Well, it's not THAT expensive. But whatever, it's still a phone ! Besides, i don't have to spend soooo much. Thus, my camera is still a possibility :D 

Yeah, i chose the black one, my mom said black is better. But what surprises me the most was, when the salesgirl asked what kind of phone i am looking for, i was like blurrrr and my mom spluttered without thinking that i want a phone with a decent camera. Haha, she pities me that i had to use my camera fund to buy a new phone. SIGH !!!

Right, bye ~


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