Saturday, August 6, 2011

19 with a beating heart

6 August 2011 !

19 years ago, I was born with a weakening heart. 19 years later, my heart is still beating with the love and care that surrounds me. And of course my life long and loyal companion, the little pacemaker that works 24/7 to keep my heart beating. It’s so great to wake up in the morning and find your heart still beating eagerly. I’m officially 19 today ! =)

My friends, they were good enough to celebrate my birthday with me ! =) Celebrated on yesterday and the day before yesterday ! haha, the first round was a celebration for me and also a friend who happen to have the same birth date !

And yesterday's supposed-to-be-ordinary-lunch, my friends actually ordered a whole secret recipe oreo cheese cake for me ! :') One of them actually took the trouble to run through old photos in my facebook to check out what cake i like. =) awesomeness 

#sakae candle as a mock birthday cake. wtf.. LOL

#birthday gifts from the stalker :)

 Sorry for lack of photos and the poor photo qualities.

So yeah, I'm officially 19. Miraculously 19. With a beating heart. With loving family. With caring friends. I'm here and I'll always be here.

19 years. Who would have thought that I could manage it this far. This long ? I don't know if I've changed a lot. Maybe i've remained the same all along. But for one thing I'm 99 percent positive which is i gained more than i've loss over these 19 years of life. I was given the chance to live on. I'm given four really really amazing and good parents. Yes, four. My biological parents and my parents who cared enough to bring me up in their gracious hands. And I'm given five superb siblings and really good friends. Nevertheless, passersby that taught me important lessons. Because every one comes and leaves in your life for a certain reason. So yeah.

And it so happen that this is my 101 post :D Oh yeah. I hide my birthday at facebook, but nevertheless, my friends, most of them still remember it's my birthday and am happy to read their wished :)

I'm playful, doesn't mean I'm not matured. I'm emotional, doesn't mean I'm unreasonable. I don't complain, doesn't mean I'm okay with it. I don't say a thing, doesn't mean I don't care. =)

I only have one birthday wish and i hope i can be granted !



p/s: This year's birthday is special because it falls on the chinese's lunar calender's valentines day ! "Qi Xi" ! I bet the lovely couple is spending their last few hours of their once a year meeting gratefully ! Being single, ain't that bad ay ?


  1. haha, not belated la, it's today ! :)

  2. I'm sure you will have more than 19 years to live on. Don't let this small little thingy stop you from what you wanna do and who you are today. Remember always be cheerful and grateful in everyday. N I'm grateful and thank god you spend your 12years with us. Though is just 12 years, it will be unforgettable moment together ( though we fight a lot, :p). Lastly, keep up the good work in your blog, I foreseen you'll be a great writer! Cheers.. Sis. Luv Ya!


  3. Happy Birthday ! Oh the mug is so cute :)


You're awesome ! Thanks for your comment =)

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