Friday, September 2, 2011


I should be studying. In fact I was looking for note from the same old blog I used to visit until .. well .. my finger just worked their way to open another new tab and logged into facebook page. Completely their fault ! Not mine. Right .. and guess what, one of my friend posted a YouTube link with the title ..

#Tesco Malaysia : Unreasonable Woman Who "Snatched" People's Parking

I usually don't watch this kind of videos because firstly, it's crap. Secondly, it's lame. But out of the blue I played it and thanks to the smoothness of my line, it played smoothly too. Here is the link to the video in case you might wanna watch. 

And HERE is the briefing on what actually happened in MY opinion. The driver auntie was waiting for a parking and somehow the yellow shirt auntie cut queue and parked the parking the driver auntie was waiting for. Then, obviously, this driver auntie must have said something to this yellow shirt auntie provoking her "fire". And so, they ended up shooting each other. Then obviously again, the whole process was being recorded and uploaded into YouTube for the whole wide world to know how Malaysian Chinese Women behave when they got cut while waiting for parking or rather when they got confronted "snatching" parking. 

But I somehow find some viewers comments are hilarious ..

Honestly, though I know that Police in Malaysia are very hardworking. On call 24/7. You seriously think they accept report on someone cutting queue for .. what ? Parking ? What should you say ? 

"I would like to lodge a report, sir. A Chinese lady in yellow(probably a bersih member) just 'snatched' my parking lot at Tesco."

Now that this commenter mentioned the yellow auntie's husband, I found it quite funny that at some point in the video, she told her kid to ask for "baba" which means the kid's father and also her husband. But in the end, the guard turned up. I heard wrongly or what ?!

Now now .. THAT hits a nerve. What does all this nonsense got anything to do with being Chinese and Malaysia ? Just because it happens IN Malaysia and both are Chinese women doesn't mean this is what we ARE ! Similar cases happens too among other races and this doesn't mean a specified race is stupid. And this video ALONE doesn't represent the WHOLE Malaysia ! HELL, of course it DOESN'T !

Well, I know many people out there are really racist. My parents, to be real honest, are racist sometimes. But this is very narrow minded for certain people to judge and call we, Chinese, as a stupid race. You know many stuff happen around in Malaysia involves a lot other races which can be really imbecilic. 

You see being racist is actually like a allergy reaction.

There must be something that triggers you and affects you directly causing your brain to transmit the racist cells. My father can be scolding something bad about any races while driving on the road, but he still can tag along with Malays co-workers and sometimes talk about how both Chinese and Malays are being unreasonable. 

You can call a Chinese stupid if he kicked you in the ass. You can call a Malay brainless if he stole your phone. You can call an Indian idiot if he raped your cat. Well, not the he will.

But when you're just a youtube user watching videos online and telling the world, Chinese in Malaysia are stupid, rude etc .. it's just plain .. idiotic. YES .. it's affecting me directly that's why i can call those commenter IDIOT ! 

And then this,

Malaysians HAS have turned into a bunch of illiterate cowboys. SO .. he/she is saying he/she is one of them since by the end of the comment, he/she stressed that he's/she's a Malaysian too. How very funny. Don't you know Malaysia is the only country that provides free education until you're 18 ? (It's considered free in government schools even though certain fees are compulsory to be paid besides, you don't have to buy textbooks in here, do YOU ?) 

You see, one thing I'm sure about Malaysians is that, they are very easily sidetracked. They lose their focus easily. Like some body bombing case, like some body off some building case and some auntie snatching parking case. I'm a good example. See, I'm easily sidetracked but I'm clearly NOT stupid. 

Actually, if my parking lot was to be taken unreasonably, I'd smile and wait until the driver gets in the mall. Then .. I'll take out my favorite 50 cents coin and show some creative work. If you know what I mean. Haha, just kidding. :D

Yours truly,


p/s : Actually, I wasn't feeling that all happy about something that came up lately in my life. So, no offense to anyone, i'm just venting my own frustration on something else. but i really got pissed about those comments. 

maybe i should really keep a safe distance which i should have done way earlier. hope it's not too late. yes, i failed at guarding my emotion again. sigh. till then. :'(


  1. actually there's nothing wrong with stating the truth. although yes it's a little inflamatory

  2. 之前在tesco我的队伍有两条线。。



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